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Posted by Marketing on 28/09/2023.

Good luck Team WA!

The highly anticipated 2023 Marcus Oldham Australian Interschool Championship is set to take place from September 29th to October 2nd at the prestigious Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre in Melbourne. This event promises to be a showcase of equestrian talent from all over Australia, and we can't help but beam with pride as we acknowledge our exceptional riders from Equestrian WA.

In a heartfelt message, Equestrian WA's CEO, Zac Acott, expressed his deep admiration for the dedicated riders who have earned the privilege to compete on this national stage. "We are incredibly proud of our talented riders who have earned the opportunity to showcase their skills on a national stage. Your dedication, hard work, and passion for the sport of equestrian have led you to this remarkable achievement. It is a testament to your talent and the countless hours you have spent honing your craft," Mr. Acott said.

As these talented riders saddle up to represent Western Australia, they carry not only their own dreams and aspirations but also the hopes and support of an entire state. The unwavering backing of their fellow Western Australians will undoubtedly be their driving force as they compete against the best of the best from across the nation.

To our riders, as you embark on this thrilling journey in Melbourne, may your horses be swift and strong, carrying you through every jump and manoeuvre with grace. But beyond the competition, remember to savour the camaraderie of fellow riders, embrace the experience, and give it your all. The 2023 Marcus Oldham Australian Interschool Championships represent an incredible opportunity to celebrate the sport you love and the friendships you've forged along the way.

We extend our heartfelt best wishes to each and every rider representing Western Australia at the National Interschools Competition. Your mere presence at this prestigious event is a testament to your dedication and skill. We can't wait to witness your outstanding performances, and we know you will make Western Australia proud.

Ride with pride, determination, and a spirit of sportsmanship, and let Western Australia shine brightly at the 2023 Marcus Oldham Australian Interschool Championships!

Let's go Team WA!!

Our riders...

Alexis Wyllie
Alyssa Hattingh
Alyssa Scott
Amelia Addison
Amelia McDonald
Annalyce Page
Avarna McDonald
Avery Ballantyne
Chaise Fowler
Harriet Forrest
Imogen Freeman
Isobel Egan
Jenaveve Page
Jorja Wareham
Kate Banner
Leah Sorenson
Madeleine Cook
Marni Berence
Nina Bercene
Noah Woodyer
Payton Hattingh
Ruby Rae
Serena Smith
Siena Stasiw
Uma Sky Fisher

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