We recommend registered post when filling in the forms,
EWA will not replace lost paperwork if not registered



2024 Membership will be available from December 2023. If you require membership for the remainder of 2023 please contact the EWA Office on 92961200 or email [email protected]

       2024 EWA NEW Membership Form       

       2024 EWA Renewing Member Membership Form       

       2024 EWA Upgrade Membership Form       

       2024 OTTWA-EWA Membership Rebate Form       

       2023 EWA Membership Student Rebate Form       

       2024 EWA Life Membership Form       

       2024 EWA Family Membership Rebate Form       

 PLEASE NOTE: Equestrian WA membership covers the duration of the calendar year. For example, a 2024 membership covers Janaury 1, 2024 - December 31, 2024.



       2024 Full Registration Form        

       2024 Base Registration Form     

       2024 Transfer of Ownership Form        

       2024 Stat Dec Transfer of Ownership Form       

       2024 Competition Licence Form       

       2024 Replacement Certificate Form         

       2024 Change of Horse Name Form       

       2024 Lease Notification Form       

       2024 EWA UPGRADE to FULL Horse Registration Form        

       2024 Microchip Notification        


Clubs & Affiliates 

       2024 Club Affiliation Form       

       2024 Sport Affiliation Form       



       Participant Declaration (Coach) Waiver       

       Entant Declaration (Events) Waiver