Horse Services


There are two types of registration available for horses:

Full Horse Registration - Lifetime registration of competitive horses permitting participation in equestrian competitive activities.

Base Horse Registration - Lifetime registration for horses not actively competing in competitive equestrian activities, for owners who would like horse registrations for the purpose of bio security or securing a name.

Only current financial members are able to register horses and all horses must have a microchip number, meeting the AS5018/5019.

If you want to compete in "official" or "graded" competitions your horse will need full registration and a competition licence for that discipline. You must purchase multiple licences if you compete in multiple disciplines. Competition licences are renewed annually with your membership.

Horses must have Full registration to hold competition licences. If your horse is Base registered and you need to upgrade to Full registration the original Base registration certificate must be returned to the EWA office and the Upgrade fee for Full registration paid and a new certificate will be issued for the horse. 

Bridle Numbers

If you are competing in Dressage competitions you will require a bridle number, Bridle numbers are allocated when the Dressage completion Licence is purchased.

Pony Dressage Competition Licences require a copy of the height certificate to ensure Pony status

If you have previously had a Bridle Number and that horse is no longer competing you may transfer this number to your new horse, however you will need to advise us as we do reallocate numbers no longer used.  

We do not supply number holders for your bridle. These may be purchased at your saddlery store.

With new horse registration you will be automatically given a bridle number if you purchase a Dressage Competition licence.

How to Register Your Horse

There are two ways horses can be registered:

1. Complete an Application Form

2024 Full Registration Form  

2024 Base Registration Form

2. Online via the EA Online portal

EA Online Portal 

  1. Please note that horse registration is not available to Club or Sport Affiliates.
  2. Please ensure that there is a contact telephone number on the form in case we have any queries.
  3. Please refer to the "Guidelines for Horse Registration" for more info on what is allowable.

The form allows for five (5) name choices. Please put more than one choice, you would be surprised how often we have to use your 2nd or 3rd choice. If you have a name in mind do not hesitate to contact the office on 9296 1200 to check that it is available, although please remember we do not 'HOLD' names.

Please tick the box advising which competition licence/s you require. You only need a competition licence for the discipline/s you are competing in officially.

Equestrian WA does not take responsibility for items lost in the mail. We recommend you request paperwork be sent by registered post, please add $15.00 to your total amount. This is strongly recommended.  Once received please keep your papers and competition licenses in a safe place.

Do not leave it until the day before your competition to register your horse.

Please allow 7-14 working days (longer during busy periods) to have your registration processed.

Should a registration or transfer need to be done quickly a Priority Processing fee of $50 can be paid for processing within 3 days.

Upgrade from Base to Full Registration

To upgrade from Base to Full registration you have two (2) options:

1. Log into your MyEA Account

a) Select Upgrade Horse Registration

b) Select Horse Upgrading

c) Enter your payment details

d) Post Base papers to the EWA office. We will then issue you with Full Registration papers. 

You can either log into your MyEA account, select upgrade horse registration from the options, select Horse upgrading, enter your payment details, please post Base papers to the EWA office and we will issue full registration papers.

Alternatively, you can fill out the Upgrade to Full registration form available below:

2024 EWA UPGRADE to FULL Horse Registration Form 



Competition Licence

2024 Competition Licence Form

Valid Competition Licences are required for horses competing in Official Competitive classes.

Under the Equestrian Australia General Regulations and Disciplinary ByLaws (click here to visit ByLaws), to compete in Official Competitive classes:

  • The rider must be a current financial member of Equestrian WA;
  • Your horse must have Full Registration with Equestrian WA. If you wish to compete in Official Competitive classes on a Base registered horse you must upgrade the Base Horse Registration to a Full Horse registration. You cannot purchase a Competition Licence for a Base registered horse. If you need to upgrade your horse's registration to Full Horse Registration, you can download the Upgrade form or visit MyEA and upgrade.
  • ALL owners on the Horse Registration must be current financial members of EWA;
  • Your horse must have a current Equestrian WA competition licence for the discipline you are competing in;
  • For Official Competitive competitions all HC entries must carry correct EA registration and comply in every way with the rules governing an Official Competitive competition

Competition Licences when purchased are valid for the current year in which they are purchased.

It's up to the riders to know and comply with the rules. Please click here to see the relevant national discipline rules.

If you are purchasing or renewing a Competition Licence, the easiest and quickest way to do so is through the MyEA portal. Simply login using your Membership Number and Password details and then select Buy Licence from the blue menu on the left hand side and then follow the screen prompts.


Horse Ownership Transfer

2024 Transfer of Ownership Form 

  • Horses can only be transferred to current Competitor, Participant, Supporter or Commercial members.

  • The new owner of the horse is required to send in the original Certificate of Registration and any competition licences along with the transfer fee specified in the Scale of Fees.

  • Ensure that the transfer section has been signed by the previous owner relinquishing ownership and ensure that you have signed the section taking up ownership of the horse.
  • Without these signatures the transfer cannot go ahead. 
  • Transfers includes all current competition licences. If no licences are current, you will need to purchase a licence for each discipline in which you wish to compete officially.
  • Please ensure there is a contact name and telephone number written on the paperwork in case we have any queries and need to contact you.
  • Please allow two weeks to complete the transfer. During busy periods (renewal time) this can take longer. Should a transfer need to be done quickly a Priority Processing fee of $50 can be paid for processing within 3 days. 
  • Post to: Equestrian WA, 303 Cathedral Avenue, Brigadoon, WA, 6069
  • Payment can be made over the phone via credit card once original paperwork has been received.

Transfer of an Interstate Registered Horse

To transfer a horse from interstate the steps above remain the same. Once processed you will receive new EWA registration papers.


Transfer of a Horse to a Family Member

  • Horses can only be transferred to current Competitor, Participant, Supporter or Commercial members.
  • Family transfers can only be made to immediate family members (e.g. husband/wife, parent/child) free of charge.
  • Ensure that the transfer section has been signed by the previous owner relinquishing ownership and ensure that you have signed the section taking up ownership of the horse.
  • Please ensure there is a contact name and telephone no. written on the paperwork in case we have any queries and need to contact you.
  • Please allow two weeks to complete the transfer. During busy periods (renewal time) this can take longer. Should a transfer need to be done quickly a Priority Processing fee of $50 can be paid for processing in 3 days. 


Lost Certificate of Registration

All requests for duplicate horse registration papers require you to fill out a the replacement od horse registration form with a Statutory Declaration signed by a Justice of the Peace or relevant person stating as much detail as possible as to why the papers are missing e.g. when you bought the horse, who you bought the horse from, horses registered EA name and number (if known), any other details.

Should a transfer need to be done quickly a Priority Processing fee of $50 can be paid for processing in 3 days. 


How to Change a Horse's Name

If you wish to change the name of your EA Registered horse, you must complete the application form and submit it to the EWA office. All original registration papers and competition licences need to forwarded to the EWA Office, copies will not be accepted.

2024 Change of Horse Name Form

For more information on Names of Horses please refer to the following information from the EA General Regulations.

Article 138 – Names of Horses

1. Horses registered with EA are registered for life. A horse can only be registered once with EA, but may upgrade from Base to Life registration where appropriate. Members attempting to do a new registration of a horse that is already registered may be subject to penalty. See EA Disciplinary By-Laws.

2. In principle, the first registered name of a horse registered with EA will remain on permanent record.

2.1. When applying for the initial registration of a horse or pony with EA at least five names ranked in preference must be given.

2.2. Horses cannot be registered as trade names i.e. Versace, Calvin Klein or Nescafe. This is an FEI rule.

2.3. Horse names may not to exceed 28 characters including spaces.

2.4. There are certain horse names which may never be reused even if the horse is retired or deceased. These names have been given exclusive rights if the horse has made significant achievements usually relating to the Olympic or World Equestrian Games e.g. Peppermint Grove, Kibah TicToc.

2.5. Prefix initials (e.g. “CH”) are not permitted. (Example: “November Rain” cannot be “CH November Rain”.)

2.6. Punctuation marks (e.g. full stops, commas, etc.) and special characters (e.g. [asterisk] *, [ampersand] &, etc.) must not be used in names. (Example: “Mr Burns” cannot be “Mr. [full stop] Burns”.)

3. Horses that have been registered with another recognized breed society may be EA registered using that name. Where the name exists already, a trailing number may be added. This rule also applies to horses being imported into Australia.

4. If the owner applies for a name change or a change to the commercial prefix/suffix, the horse horse’s registration papers and Identification Document must retain the old name or prefix/suffix for the next 12 months as follows: new name and/or new prefix/suffix ex previous name/prefix/ suffix.

5. A horse/pony name including a prefix or suffix may be registered with EA provided it complies with one of the following conditions:

5.1. A commercial prefix/suffix may be added to the name, and must be entered in the passport and registration papers. However, at Regional and Olympic Games under the patronage of the IOC, such prefix/suffix cannot appear in a program and cannot be used in any other way.

5.2. A Breeder/Stud prefix or suffix shall be given to a horse or pony bred by breeders and studs who are a member of EA or a recognised Breed Society. Breeders/Studs can register a prefix/suffix with EA for this purpose on application and the payment of a fee. At the time of registration, proof of the breed society registered prefix/suffix must be provided to EA.

5.3. Where a breeder/stud has registered a horse with the breeder/stud prefix and that the breeder/stud has bred the horse subsequent owners of that horse cannot change the horses' EA registration to remove the breeder/stud prefix without the written consent of the breeder/stud that first registered the horse. The written consent may be given at the time of the sale of the horse or at some later date.

6. EA reserves the right to refuse to register any horse under any particular name.


How to Lease a Horse

If you are leasing an EA registered horse you must complete the attached form and submit it with the original Certificate of Registration to the EWA office. This is not a lease agreement.

2024 Lease Notification Form

 For more information on Leasing A Horse please refer to the following article from the EA General Regulations:

Article 139 – Owners and Lessees

1. All individual owners, including part-owners and syndicates, must be a current member to the respective EA State Branch. Commercial Group affiliates may register a horse under a business name but forfeit the rights of an individual member. EA Clubs and Sport Affiliates are not eligible to register or be part- owners of a horse. The Primary Owner is the owner who is to receive any information relating to the horse, i.e. its registration papers, competition licence etc. Usually the rider or the owner with the largest ownership share is the primary owner.

2. EA accepts registrations on the understanding that the Person or Body making the registration is the bona fide owner, part-owner or lessee of the horse. EA will accept no responsibility on cases of disputed ownership, which must be settled by the parties concerned.

3. EA will keep a register of the owners of horses including multiple ownerships. Changes of owners and records of leasing agreements must be entered in the identification papers by EA.

4. Owners of horses sold or leased must return the identification papers immediately to EA with the name and address of the Purchaser or Lessee. The new owners will pay the change of ownership fee.

5. Leasing of horses is permitted under the following conditions.

a. The form and duration of the lease agreement is a matter for the parties concerned; it does not require the approval of EA.

b. The member to whom the horse is leased is regarded in all respects by EA as the bona fide owner and shall have the same rights and duties.

c. When a horse is leased this will not be regarded as a change of ownership for the purposes of competition.

d. If a leasing agreement is cancelled during the period of lease or is renewed, EA must receive written confirmation from the parties of the lease.