Integrity: Make a Complaint

Our Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy sets out the process for resolving complaints arising from a breach of an eligible policy.

Complaints in relation to breaches under the National Integrity Framework will be managed independently by Sport Integrity Australia

Everyone from athletes, parents, support personnel, administrators and supporters play a role in protecting the integrity of our sport.

If you see something, say something!

EA Conduct and Disciplinary Policy

To make a complaint regarding potential breach of EA policies and or policies under the National Integrity Framework please follow one of these processes:

Equestrian Australia
Managed Complaints

Complaints relating to Prohibited Conduct under
the National Integrity Frameworkor breach
of EA Policies must be submitted to
EA by using the EA Online Form.

For complaints about Bullying please refer to
the ‘Bullying in Sport’ Booklet for option on
alternative pathways a member may choose
to pursue, prior to completing the
EA Online Form.

For a Step-by-Step guide on the complaints
management process please click here.

For a detailed process complaints pathway
please click here.

Sport Integrity Australia
Managed Complaints

Complaints relating to Child Safeguarding
and Discrimination should be lodged
with Sport Integrity Australia using
the Online Form.

Assistance is available by calling
1300 027 232 and selecting Option 3.

For further steps in the SIA complaint
management process click here.






National Integrity Framework