EWA & Off the Track Events and Clinics

Media Release  

Equestrian Western Australia is excited to announce we are working with Off the Track Western Australia to present a series of events and clinics in both regional and metro areas between January – July 2020. These events offer riders and owners of off the track horses the opportunity to participate in clinics with EA accredited coaches in the disciplines of dressage, jumping and cross country and attend lectures and groundwork sessions on popular topics relevant to owning and training off the track thoroughbreds. These events are generously subsidised by Off the Track WA with the attendee price capped at $25 per rider per day with no membership or horse registration requirements. The first of these events will be on the 18 of January with dressage and jumping encouragement day. All off the track horses are welcome including those bred to race but who have not trialled or raced. Many competition classes are split in Standardbred and thoroughbred divisions.

A provisional list of dates for these dates is below:

  • 27 - 28 June 2020 - Lessons in flatwork, groundwork and jumping with EA Accredited coaches,  State Equestrian Centre, Brigadoon
  • 4 - 5 July 2020 - State Equestrian Centre, Brigadoon 

    Day 1: Educational day offering flatwork, rails, jumping and groundwork

    Day 2: Jumping training test; Dressage protocol test

  • 9 - 10 July 2020 - State Equestrian Centre, Brigadoon  

    School holiday special clinic – Cross-country theme

    Day 1: Educational day offering flatwork, cross-country, rails/jumping

    Day 2: Flatwork, Jumping training test, Cross-country training round

  • 17 July 2020 - State Equestrian Centre, Brigadoon 

    School holiday special clinic – Show Horse theme

    Day 1: Educational day offering flatwork, show horse in-hand, ringcraft, flatwork and turnout

  • 24 - 25 July 2020 - Busselton - Educational day offering flatwork, rails, jumping and groundwork

Registration for these events will open approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the event date on www.nominate.com.au. No membership is required to participate however participants are strongly encouraged to obtain members to hold at least recreational membership for personal accident insurance. Equestrian Western Australia is offering a $25 discounted membership to lapsed and new members who participate attend these events and clinics who have not been a member of EWA in 2018 and 2019. This membership must be applied for via a membership form and not online and is not available for monthly payment memberships.

To register for your discounted EWA membership for 2020 follow these steps:

  1. Enter an EWA & Off the track event via www.nominate.com.au
  2. Read the EWA Membership Brochure attached to the clinic/event registration email and choose the membership type that best suits your needs
  3. Complete the EWA Membership Form for Off the Track participants attached to your event/clinic registration email
  4. Return the membership form and Off The Track Clinic/Event Registration Invoice to either:
  • Via email to [email protected]
  • In-person to EWA Office during Office Hours (Mon - Fri, 8 am - 5 pm)
  • In-person to an EWA staff member at an Off the Track Clinic/Event

Off the Track Clinic/Event Enquiries can be directed to 08 9296 1200 [email protected]

Off the Track Enquiries can be directed to 08 9445 5371 [email protected]