Volunteer of the Month

With the kind support of Horseland WA, Equestrian WA recognise the countless volunteers who make up a vitally important part of our Equestrian Community with their dedication and support at our clubs, events and throughout our sport.

We are excited to announce our Horseland WA EWA Volunteer of the Month! 

This monthly award of recognition will require members and our wider community to nominate a valued volunteer who effortlessly devotes their time back into our sport via our online form provided below. Each month an individual will be selected from the provided write up given in the nomination process. All winners will receive Horseland WA $200 Gift Voucher.

All nominations will be kept on file for a 2 month period from the date of submission.

Winners will be announced via our social media platforms every last Thursday of the month.

August 2023 Monday 28th August 2023 Thursday 31st August 2023
September 2023 Monday 25th September 2023 Thursday 28th September 2023 
October 2023 Monday 22nd October 2023 Thursday 26th October 2023 
November 2023 Monday 27th November 2023 Thursday 30th November 2023
December 2023 Monday 18th December 2023 Thursday 21st December 2023 
January 2024 Monday 22nd January 2024 Thursday 25th January 2024 
February 2024 Monday 26th February 2024 Thursday 29th February 2024


Do you know a deserving volunteer? 

Take a moment and recognise your volunteers today!

Nominate today!


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