Pegasus-EWA EduSeries

Equestrian Western Australia is proud to align with local WA feed company Pegasus as program partners for the EduSeries.

The aim of the EduSeries is to provide access and information for all equestrian enthusiasts while adding value to the EWA membership. 

Seminars are run throughout the year with varied topics such as equine nutrition, health, breeding, behaviour, welfare, management, safety and more. 

Seminars are offered to EWA members free of charge, while non-members are welcome to attend for a small fee.

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For enquiries please email [email protected]


 Previous 2024 EduSeries

Transporting Horses presented by Wayne Kiely 28th March With decades of experience, Equine Transport expert, Wayne Kiely share insights on long haul horse transport, covering preparation, travel tips, and stress management.
Equine Law presented by Emily Purvis, Pure Equine Law 24th April This session will cover several aspects of law relating to equine activities, such as contracts and disputes, and how to avoid potential pitfalls.
Equine Nutrition presented by Michelle Meylan, Milne Feeds 2nd May Join us as we take a look at the equine digestive system and consider different components of the diet including nutritional values of varying feeds and hays. We’ll also look at which feeds are most suited to individual horse’s needs, such as metabolic disease, fizzy behaviour and gastric ulcers.
Functional Posture in Horses by Dr. Raquel Butler 29th May This session covered several aspects relating to the functional posture in horsesand more in-depth education around the effects and management of these