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Posted by Equestrian Western Australia on 02/06/2015.

WA Para Equestrians unite for High Performance Clinic & Classifications

Para Dressage High Performance Clinic

Last week was a very exciting week for WA Para Equestrians.

On Wednesday the first High Performance mounted clinic was held at the SEC with well known dressage coach, Roz Tippett. The clinic was an outstanding success. Nine athletes took part and took the opportunity to work on the dressage tests they were currently competing in. Some of these riders were new recruits to the discipline of para equestrian and to dressage. Others are experienced and compete regularly in PE tests and in able bodied competition. To coach a group, such as this, means that the coach is instructing riders who ride with a variety of challenges. Roz was able to work with each rider and give valuable advice and instruction to suit each combination of horse and rider. 

Lunchtime was a chance for the riders to get to know one another and to listen to a very interesting talk on Carriage Driving by Marg Langan.  Marg also illustrated her talk with some great DVD's.

The riders thoroughly enjoyed their clinic and the 'feedback' has been excellent. A huge thank you to Roz for her outstanding work and her understanding of each rider's needs.

The athletes on the PE Squad attend the same High Performance camps and lectures as those athletes on the other Discipline Squads. In addition, they also have the opportunity to attend these mounted clinics, which are funded through a partnership between EWA and RDAWA Dressage.

It is interesting to note that five Squad members are either members of RDAWA or began their riding with RDAWA.  These riders still contribute to RDAWA by raising funds, judging at RDAWA events and instructing RDA riders.

It is planned to hold two more clinics, this year - one in August and one in October.


On Saturday, six athletes presented themselves for Classification.  Two Classifiers from the Eastern States - Sharyn Gregory, who is an International Classifier and Joanna Rashleigh, a National Classifier, visited WA for the weekend.  Riders are classified on their physical ability and strength and they are also assessed on their strength on their horses. The whole procedure is a tiring one for the athletes and for the Classifiers. As a result of the classification, we have four new PE riders.

Thank you to all those riders who were prepared to spend their Saturday at the SEC and to go through the Classification process.

I would personally like to thank Julie Nicholson who stood in for me at the clinic and the classification day.  Unfortunately, I was unable to drive and to get around very well after having back surgery.  Julie did a great job and kept me up to date on everything that was happening.

Thanks also to Angela, Jennine, Elvira and the Office and Ground Staff at EWA and the SEC for making sure everything ran smoothly.

If there are any riders who think they might be eligible to compete in para dressage, there will be another classification day later in the year. Please contact [email protected] or phone 0417991364 for more information.

Authored by Valerie Mayger.

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