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Posted by Equestrian Western Australia on 30/08/2017.

Letter From the CEO

As communicated previously, EWA announced the restructuring of our team and organisational structure.

The changes have resulted in the creation of four positions within the organisation, which are either substantially changed or new:

  • The Event and Business Development Manager is expected to be highly proficient in business development, event coordination, administration and facility management, including staff management and customer relations and developing new business opportunities with key stakeholders. Focusing on revenue generation, promotion and business development for the SEC is paramount.
  • The High Performance and Athlete Development Managers position shall be responsible for managing EWA’s strategic High Performance and Athlete Development and Officiating goals by coordinating educational, athlete and official’s development programs that focus on growth and sustainability of the equine sports.
  • The Senior Grounds Person position shall be responsible for supporting the CEO by ensuring that the EWA facilities (e.g. SEC), grounds, and arenas are maintained to the required standards for events and other operational requirements and supervising a small team of Grounds Staff.
  • SEC Caretaker position shall be responsible for security, and providing onsite support and access to the SEC facilities and EWA grounds, and after hours or emergency support.

Applications for the roles of Event and Business Development Manager, High Performance and Athlete Development Manager and Senior Grounds Person are now open on SEEK.

This restructure included the amalgamation of some part time positions and the separation of some duties and helps supports the sustainability of EWA by allowing for the creation of the Events and Business Development Manager Position. This position will be essential for the development of a long term marketing and event management plan for the SEC. I believe that the SEC has enormous promise and we have exciting times ahead.

The High Performance and Athlete Development Managers role will now include all Squads including High Performance, Rising Stars, Interschools National Team, NCAS and Officials. As a member's based organisation it is important that the membership is engaged at every level of EWA. This will require the creation of an Interschools committee and the continued support of the NCAS panel and Sport committees. In 2017/2018 for the first time EA is providing funding to all States to help support HP programs. This funding of $20,000 off-horse and $14,000 on-horse to EWA, combined with the 2017 La Noir EWA State Squad sponsorship, places us in a position to support our HP programs more than ever.

Restructure meant the role of SEC Facility Manager has been removed from the Organisational structure. This has allowed for the new Senior Grounds person role to be a more specialist hands-on operational role. Combined with separation of the Caretakers position the SEC will have a much more flexible workforce that reflects the 7 day a week nature of the business, while freeing up resources.

EWA has been successful in receiving $100,000 funding from the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries for 2017/2018 for maintenance projects at the SEC. One of these will include the long overdue refurbishment of the Caretaker house, with the other priority being the replacement of the SEC stadium doors. I would like to thank DLGSC and Minister Mr. Mick Murray for their ongoing support.

Since being appointed CEO 11 months ago I have been fortunate in the support I have received by members, Sport committees, EWA staff and the EWA Board. I have been impressed by our Staff’s knowledge and dedication to EWA and the members. The new Organisational structure and the clarification of Position Descriptions will allow for clearer roles and duties within EWA which will be of benefit to all members and allow EWA and the SEC to prosper in the future.

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