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Posted by Equestrian Western Australia on 13/02/2019.

La Noir Saddleworld Equestrian WA Dressage Squads for 2019

Congratulations to the following combinations who have been provisionally invited onto the 2019 squads subject to accepting the terms of squad participation. Athletes have been invited based on having achieved the performance criteria set in 2018. All squad riders must be current members of EWA and their horse/s must be registered with the relevant dressage Performance Cards.

 State Squad

Wendy Cumming Joshua Brook Jamison owned by Wendy Cumming Jun 19
Melanie Nixon Matavia Fisher King owned by Melanie Nixon  Jun 19
Elizabeth Tollarzo Everton Park Jet Blauw owned by Pam Page Jun 19
Teagan Sutton Amberville Rosenstein owned by Teagan Sutton Jun 19
Judith Weber Bello Gallico owned by Judith Weber Jun 19
Alinta Veenvliet   D’Esperanza owned by Alinta Veenvliet   Jun 19
Kristy Zabaznow   Heatherton Park Ma Cherie Kristy Zabaznow    Jun 19
Stephanie Spencer   Redskin R owned by Stephanie Spencer   Jun 19
Rachel Brennen   Mists of Time owned by Rachel Brennen  Jun 19

 Recognition Squad

India Levene   Jaybee Alaria owned by India Levene Jun 19
Astrid Grov    BML Silhouette owned by Astrid Grov    Jun 19
Emma Hayward  Penny Hill Park Sophia owned by Michelle James    Jun 19
Emma Hayward  Quatermain owned by Julie Inglis   Jun 19
Tyla Schou   Dyrring Park Stanmore & Dennis Deniro owned by Tyla Schou  Jun 19
Bec Sellick Fiderhall  owned by Bec Sellick  Jun 19
Victoria Hamilton Danzio VH  owned by Victoria Hamilton   Jun 19
Terrina Fairbrother  Abisha owned by Terrina Fairbrother     Jun 19
Kaitlin Hull Sunday Morning KDH owned by Kaitlin Hull   Jun 19

Youth Squad

Jessica Bartlett    Phantom Database owned by Jessica Bartlett    Jun 19
Eliza Hebiton Revelwood Olivia owned by Eliza Hebiton     Jun 19
Chloe Moon  Donnington owned by Chloe Moon    Jun 19
Chloe Moon  Aseduction owned by Alison Davis   Jun 19
Taylah Welsh   San Rubin II owned by Taylah Welsh   Jun 19
Shanae Hill  Revelwood First Klass owned by Shanae Hill     Jun 19
Lauren Rowe   Charisma Royal Emblem owned by Lauren Rowe   Jun 19
Chelsea De Jonge  Savio H owned by Terrina Fairbrother     Jun 19

 On Hold List

Rebecca Tsouris    Santus owned by Rebecca Tsouris   Jun 19

Squad Workshops for 2019 

  • 23rd February
  • 13th July
  • 24th November
  • 8th December
  • TBA Protocol clinics 


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