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Posted by Equestrian Western Australia on 08/04/2019.

Jumping WA Committee Elections

An election will be held for the EWA Jumping Committee positions due to the number of nominations being greater than the positions vacant. There have been 9 nominations for the 4 general Committee positions and 3 nominations for the 2 Affiliate representative. Under the EWA Constitution “The Committee shall comprise:

a) Six (6) members, four (4) of whom shall be elected by eligible General members and two by Affiliate Members who shall each be elected under clause 27;
b) Up to and no more than five (5) eligible Members appointed by the Committee under clause 30.3c); and
c) Up to and no more than two (2) additional non-voting members”

Voting procedure
General Committee positions;
EWA members that identified Jumping as their voting preference at the time of membership renewal will be sent emails with how to vote for the general Committee positions. Each member is eligible to vote once for one nominee.

EWA Affiliate positions;
EWA Affiliate members will be eligible to vote for the Affiliate representatives, one vote per Affiliate membership for an Affiliate membership representative. Affiliate members will be sent emails on how to vote or

the Affiliate


The election will be held by electronic vote with information to be sent to all parties prior to the opening of voting on Monday 29th April, with the election closing on 16th May



The nominees for the WA Jumping committee are;

General Committee member nominees;

  • Caitlin Bolger
  • Lucy Galovicova
  • Renatta Haywood
  • Amy Kippin
  • Karen McInnes
  • Sarah Ozanne
  • Kevin Tully
  • Shawn Squire
  • Ben Wilson

Affiliate Representative nominee;

  • Jenni Ahmat
  • Nanette Hollis
  • Chelsea Kessey (McInnes)
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