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Posted by Marketing on 21/09/2022.

Hear from more of our vaulters as the build up to Nationals continues!

The excitement is building as the 24th Australian Vaulting Championships are now only a fortnight away!

As part of the build up to the championships, we've been taking a closer look at some of our West Aussie stars who are set to shine in Sydney.

This week we're profiling Rachel Ryan and Skyelah De Vries from REVA and Imogen Capelli from RDA Carine:


Rachel Ryan

Age: 26

Years Vaulting: Over 10 years

Level: Intermediate

Favourite Horse: Mac

Favourite Move: One-leg stand in the handle

Move I Want to Learn: Shoot up ground jump, backwards roll landing on the rump, and so many more! 

Favourite Thing About Vaulting: I love that Vaulting is a team sport, even when competing as an individual. It’s you, your horse, your lunger, your coach, your teammates, your family & friend helpers, and so many more. We can’t do it without our team. I also love that vaulting lets you showcase your strengths: I might not be very flexible, but I am strong, and have pretty great balance & artistry, so I choose freestyle moves that showcase those talents.


Imogen Capelli

Age: 12

Years Vaulting: 7 years

Level: Preliminary

Favourite Horse: Monte

Favourite Move: Helicopter

Move I Want to Learn: Killer with both legs up

Favourite Thing About Vaulting: Being with my team and the horses


Skyelah De Vries

Age: 12

Years Vaulting: 7 years

Level: Intermediate

Favourite Horse: Willow

Favourite Move: Needle

Move I Want to Learn: Ground jump

Favourite Thing About Vaulting: How I can connect my two favourite sports gymnastics and horse riding together. The vaulting community! People in the club are so supportive and hardworking to help achieve everyone's goals, getting vaulting more recognition with "showcases" and "have a go" days.


The full list of our WA stars who will feature at the championships is below:

  • Matilda Yates (REVA)
  • Rachel Ryan (REVA)
  • Yindi Falconbridge (REVA)
  • Skyelah De Vries (REVA)
  • Elsie Cox (REVA)
  • Olivia Barry (REVA)
  • Grace Joyce (REVA)
  • Zane Jakse (REVA)
  • Emmi Kneale (RDA Carine)
  • Imogen Capelli (RDA Carine)
  • Tia Kaiser (RDA Carine)
  • Annalyce Page (Dryandra PC)
  • Jenaveve Page (Dryandra PC)
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