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Posted by Sharon Welsh on 13/10/2016.

WA National Interschool Team Report & Results

With over 400 competitors from all over Australia, the 2016 Equestrian Australia Godolphin Australian Interschool Championships was one of the largest events held at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre alongside the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

The event began on Sunday 25 September with the Opening Ceremony. All of the teams looked fanstastic in their team uniforms, with every state stepping up to the team’s challenge of who was the best dressed state. The teams consisted of:

  • NSW - 107 riders
  • VIC - 111 riders
  • QLD - 101 riders
  • SA - 44 riders
  • TAS - 12 riders
  • NT - 8 riders
  • WA - 50 riders
Photo: WA Team at the Opening Ceremony

Monday saw the beginning of the Show Horse classes, with some of Australia's best show ponies and horses parading for the judges. The weather was certainly wonderful, allowing the show horses coats to glisten in the sunshine.

On Tuesday we had the Combined Training and Eventing Dressage. This year Combined Training was a new event for the Championships and it was very well received by all states. The results were very close after the dressage phase, with many of our WA team showing that our dressage scores would be hard to beat. The jumping phase was then welcomed by many a spectator who watched closely to see who would ride a clear round.

Our Eventing competitors rode really well. The cross country course was outstanding again this year. Ella Miller rode well coming first place in the dressage and cross country phase but then had a fence down in the jumping phase. WA’s overall Team Score for eventing put us in 6th Place with Justin and Lauren Sams-Hayes scores. All riders performed well overall and I are extremely proud of everyone.

Photo: Justin Sams-Hayes and Welts Vanderdream

The Jumping arenas were alive with colourful jumping fences on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The jumping was spectacular with great results for our team, albeit with some nail biting rounds at times. Angus Donovan had some outstanding jumping rounds proving that WA has many top junior riders.

 Photo: Angus Donovan and Noblewood Park Conchetta

 Wednesday and Thursday was the Dressage and the overall standard was outstanding. The pool horses that were chosen for WA were matched to their riders perfectly. Every rider had a smile on their face when they finished their tests with great results at the end.

Thank you to all the event sponsors and organizers, especially Andrea Webb - you never stopped! All your support was wonderful and the efficient running of this huge event was amazing. This year found the NSW office sourcing a mammoth 25 pool horses for our WA competitors which must have been a difficult job in itself. Thank you Tina for finding our team an amazing selection of horses from around the NSW state.

Our team's sponsor this year was Saddles Plus, who kindly supplied the team saddle cloths that looked fantastic on all our horses. Thank you Saddles Plus for supplying these.

Thank you to Ann Miller. You were wonderful to drop everything to be by Olivia Kennedy’s side in hospital with her unfortunate situation. Olivia was unfortunately kicked in the arm and leg by her pool horse and was unable to compete this year. Olivia you are a trooper and thank you for being there for the team for the rest of the week.

Thank you to our Team Captain Ella Miller and Vice-Captain Brooke Sakich for organising the team at our ceremonies and for being positive rolemodels to the team.

Thank you to all the parents and supporters who helped when needed, and to Natalie Sakich for plaiting our team of horses. Your hands will need pampering now.

Photo: Brooke and Natalie Sakich

 Thank you to Combined Horse Transport for your professional delivery of our precious cargo to NSW and back home. Your support is greatly appreciated as always.

I would like to say a huge thank you to our great coaches Wendy Cumming and Chadd Donovan. You were both a huge asset to the team and worked tirelessly for our riders from dusk to dawn each day. This was a rather large task and you both deserve a well-earned rest. Thank you also goes to Liz Tollarzo for helping the team out in the background.

As WA Team Manager I was extremely proud of everyone’s efforts. I congratulate you all on your results whether you placed or not.

Photo: WA Team Members


WA Competitor Results

To see full results click here.

Overall State Team Award Points

WA - 4th Place

Primary Show Horse Team

WA - 4th Place

Chloe Gee, Daniel Suvaljko, Alyssa Hattingh, Abby Green

Primary Working Hunter Champions     

Chloe Gee - 3rd place

Secondary Show Horse Team

WA - 4th Place

Jaime Baker, Brooke Sakich, Louise Falconer, Sophie Appleby

Primary Combined Training Team

WA - 4th Place

Chloe Gee, Olivia Ruiz, Daniel Suvaljko, Courtney Trolove

Primary Combined Training 60cm

Reserve Champion – Chloe Gee

Secondary Combined Training Team

WA - 3rd Place

Katelyn Williams, Shanaya King, Olivia Buktenica, Jaime Baker

Secondary Combined Training 80cm

5th Place – Shanaya King

Secondary Combined Training 95cm

3rd Place – Katelyn Williams

Eventing Team

WA - 6th Place

Lauren & Justin Sams-Hayes

Primary Dressage Team

WA - 4th Place

Shania Benbow, Ella Jones, Tazmin Smith, Olivia Hawkins

Primary Novice Champion

5th Place - Shania Benbow

Individual Primary Novice 2.2 & 2.3

6th Place – Shania Benbow

Intermediate Novice Champion

3rd Place – Teagan Ettridge

Individual Intermediate Preliminary

1.2 Test: 6th Place Satinka Putland

1.3 Test: 6th Place Teagan Ettridge

Individual Intermediate Novice

2.2 Test: 3rd Place Teagan Ettridge

               6th Place Ashleigh Middendorp

2.3 Test: 5th Place Teagan Ettridge

Secondary Elementary Champion

4th Place - Madison Gielen

Individual Secondary Elementary

3.2 Test: 6th Place Madison Gielen

3.3 Test: 3rd Place Madison Gielen

Secondary Medium Champion

3rd Place – Madison Gielen

5th Place - Kjersti Grov

Individual Secondary Medium

4.2 Test: 1st Place Madison Gielen

               4th Place Kjersti Grov

4.3 Test: 6th Place Madison Gielen

Secondary Advanced Champion

5th Place – Kjersti Grov

Individual Secondary Advanced

5.2 Test: 4th Place Kjersti Grov

5.3 Test: 6th Place Kjersti Grov

Primary Jumping Team

WA - 3rd Place

Ailish Donovan, Georgina Abbott, Courtney Trolove, Olivia Ruiz

Primary 80cm Jumping Champion

4th Place – Ailish Donovan

Secondary Jumping Team

WA - 4th Place

Angus Donovan, Sophie Abbott, Angus Fraser, Tanaya Radecker

Secondary 90cm Jumping Champion

3rd Place – Sophie Abbott

Secondary 100cm Jumping Champion

6th Place – Breanna Possingham

Secondary 110cm Jumping Champion

Reserve – Angus Donovan

Secondary 120cm Jumping Champion

Reserve – Angus Donovan

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