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Posted by Equestrian Western Australia on 20/07/2017.

Mid-Year Review of Dressage Squads

The EWA High Performance program aims to identify talent and offer supporting education to Squad riders at a developmental level with ambitions to follow pathways to National Selection. Qualification into the program is based on meeting published competition criteria determined by the selection panel for each discipline.

The aim of each squad is:

State: To identify athletes currently able to represent the state at the highest level in open competition or showing potential to do so within the next 12 months

Recognition: To identify athletes on a pathway for state representation at the highest level within the next two years.

Youth: To identify athletes on a pathway to state representation in youth competition within the next 12 months or potential to move onto the Recognition squad within the next 12 months

During mid-year reviews, dressage selectors carefully reviewed the competition criteria for the La Noir EWA Dressage Squads and have made some adjustments to reflect the aim of each squad, accommodate the increasing quality of horses and riders in Western Australia and increase clarity of selection criteria. This includes the adjustment of Advanced qualifications to the recognition squad, increased number of performances required at Elementary and Medium level and adjustment to the age of horses to reflect the high performance pathway.

Mid-Year Criteria (Aug-Dec 2017)

For further information on the La Noir Saddleworld EWA High Performance Program please email [email protected]

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