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Posted by Marketing on 28/05/2020.

2020 Para-Equestrian Squads Announced

EWA is pleased to announce the EWA Para-Equestrian Squads for 2020. Congratulations to all athletes.

Combinations selected for the Squads have demonstrated performances at competition level worthy of recognition during the previous 12 months as reviewed by the Selection Panel.

Combinations selected for the State Squad are showing significant improvement and in the opinion of Selectors are moving towards achieving the target scores for their respective grade. The primary focus will be on combinations that have shown the ability or potential to represent WA at State or National standards.

The Recognition Squad includes promising combinations that may have recently begun competing at PE Para Dressage or EA Dressage events and those who show potential to move up the high performance pathway.

State Squad

Chelsea De Jonge Savio H
Claire McNaughton Blue Blood Aravis
Fleur Litster Penroban Augustus
Kate Eizele Wedgewood Cherish
Shannon Brookes Regazaire
Sharon Jarvis Lord Larmarque

Recognition Squad

Andrew Forbes Bridlewood Dulcima
Mercedes Portaro Flash
Rosa-Lee Principe PWP Rise of Memphis
Shannon Brookes Santona VH
Suzin Wells Kendall Park Odyssey
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