2021 SHC & Equestrian WA Official Measuring Dates

Month 2021  Date Venue
February 7th Gosnells - Breed Show 
  14th  Riverside 7am - 10am
  14th - CANCELLED EWA Breed Show at Perth Horse & Pony Club 
  21st Perth 7am - 10am
March 1st   (Monday) Gosnells 
  7th  Perth 
  13th & 14th   Geraldton 
  21st  Albany
  21st Riverside - Breed show 
  27th (Saturday)  Busselton
April 11th  Perth
  16th (Friday)  Interschools 
  25th Gosnells 
May 8th (Saturday)  EWA 2020  Newcomers - Autumn Pagent 
  9th (Sunday) EWA 2020  Newcomers - Autumn Pagent 
  16th  Riverside
  29th (Saturday)  SHCWA Classic  (SEC) 
  30th (Sunday)  SHCWA Classic (SEC)  
June 5th (Saturday)  DWA State Pony Dressage 
  7th (Monday)  Gosnells
  12th (Saturday)  EWA Newcomers & Winter Gala 
  13th (Sunday)  EWA Newcomers & Winter Gala 
  20th  Riverside
  27th  Albany
July 10th (Saturday)  SHCWA - Western Stars / Debutante  (SEC) 
  11th (Sunday)  SHCWA - Western Stars / Debutante  (SEC) 
August 1st  Geraldton 
  7th (Saturday) PCAWA  State Pony Dressage 
  28th Gosnells Masters    (SEC) 
  29th (Sunday)  Gosnells Masters    (SEC) 
September 4th (Saturday) DWA State Dressage Championships 
  10th (Friday)  EWA HOY
  11th (Saturday) EWA HOY
  25th - 2nd Oct RAS
October 10th  Albany 
  14th - 16th (Thursday - Saturday)  Esperance Ag Show 
  16th Busselton (TBC) 
  30th (Saturday)  SHCWA   HOY   (SEC) 
  31st (Sunday)  SHCWA   HOY   (SEC) 

All dates and times are subject to change but any alterations will be advertised.