Common Volunteer Roles


This position is essential for the recording of judge’s scores and comments onto score and test sheets. Writing is a very good way for volunteers interested in becoming a judge in the future to learn more about the sport. Writing is also very beneficial for competitors wanting to improve their competition performance.

Minimum age: 16 years
Experience required: Some equestrian experience required. Previous writing experience helpful but not necessary.
Shifts Available: 1-6+ Hours


This position required the volunteer to operate timing equipment and record the time taken for a competition jumping round.

Minimum age: 16
Experience required: Equestrian experience is helpful for this position.
Shifts available: 3 hours to full day or multiple days


This position involves ensuring judges and official’s information is moved from the field of play to scorer’s room as quickly as possible. It includes taking sheets to judges to sign and providing refreshments to officials and other volunteers.

Minimum age: 14
Experience required: None to some depending on the event
Shifts available: 1 hours to full day or multiple days


The competition marshal is responsible for calling the correct competitor/s to the field of play at the required time. Marshals also assist with informing competitors of course walk times and if the competition is running on time.

Minimum age: 16
Experience required: Some equestrian experience is helpful for this position. A loud voice and good time management skills are essential.
Shifts: 2 hours to multi-day competitions

Ring Master

A Ring Master is essential at large competitions to ensure the smooth running of each competition ring when multiple rings are included in the competition schedule. The Ring Master is responsible for ensuring all officials and volunteers have enough refreshments and information required for the event to run smoothly. Duties including providing competitor lists to the marshal and judge, arranging and providing awards for the judge to present, contacting and hosting sponsors when class awards are presented and general troubleshooting.

Minimum age: 18
Experience Required: Knowledge of the rules and event management is helpful for this role. Good time management skills and problem-solving skills are essential.
Shifts available: Full day shifts often for multi-day competitions

Field of Play Team

The field of play team are responsible for keeping the field of play consistent throughout the competition. Field of play members assist with building jumps, replacing jumping poles when knocked down, removing manure from the competition area and setting up competition equipment.

Minimum age: 16
Experience required: No experience is required but volunteers need to be comfortable lifting and moving jumping equipment. Training on how to do this safely is provided.
Shifts available: 4 hours to multi-day competitions


Scorers are responsible for collating score sheets, inputting data into a scoring system and ensuring results are available in a timely manner.

Minimum age: 16
Skills required: Basic computer skills are helpful. Equestrian experience is beneficial but not essential and training is provided to new scorers.
Shifts available: 4 hours to multi-day competitions


General event assistants are essential in the general running of the event. Volunteer duties include hosting V.I.P during important events, checking attendees in and out of events, assisting other volunteers with refreshments and supplies. These roles vary greatly between events and usually there is a role for everyone no matter the level of experience!

Minimum age: 16
Experience required: No experience required
Shifts available: 1 hour to full day