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Posted by Marketing on 28/02/2024.

Congratulations Kimberley Fowler, Volunteer of the Month!

Congratulations to our Horseland WA and Equestrian WA Volunteer of the month winner, Kimberley Fowler!

Kimberley's incredible commitment to her team at Ripplebrook Equestrian Vaulting Academy (REVA) is truly commendable. Week after week, she consistently puts in 100% effort into training, going above and beyond by dedicating extra hours after work to activities like canter club.

Her mentorship and coaching provide priceless guidance and support to the vaulting squad, nurturing their skills and fostering a strong sense of camaraderie within the team. Kimberley's dedication extends beyond local endeavors as she selflessly travels across the country as the club coach, covering the costs out of her own pocket to ensure her team can compete in every competition entered.

Remarkably, Kimberley has volunteered for up to 15 years, demonstrating her enduring commitment and passion for the sport. Her nomination for Horseland WA Volunteer of the Month is a well-deserved recognition of her significant contributions to our sport.

Kimberley Fowler is truly an inspiration, and her efforts have undoubtedly enriched the equestrian community in Western Australia.


For more information on the Horseland WA and Equestrian WA Volunteer of the Month or if you wish to nominate another deserving nominee, click here.

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