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Posted by Marketing on 28/05/2021.

Update on EA Board

The EWA Board were invited to an online meeting with the Chair of the EA board, it’s CEO (acting) and some board members in the middle of May.  We welcomed this opportunity to hear an update from the Chair directly on their work since the end of the Voluntary Administration earlier this year.  At the time, they had not yet appointed their full time CEO, though that appointment has since been announced.

The EA Chair advised the EWA Board that their priority has been working towards financial stability for EA, and dealing with the ramifications of the large expense incurred as a result of the VA.  He spoke also of the importance of improving safety across all the sports, and not simply “ticking the boxes” as a result of the coronial inquiry.  He also discussed the EA Board’s desire for a “nicer sport” with a better sense of belonging and community, and a stronger sense of empathy between all members.  In a move to reduce future complaints and disputes, reviewing, assessing and harmonising the rules across all sports is a priority.

The much desired governance review and reform is on the agenda.  A comprehensive review is required to decide on what the future EA may look like, and what type of governance is required to deliver that to our members.  EWA Chair Ron Fleming once again raised the desire for EA to investigate what the national organisation’s “core reason for existing” really should be, and consider if members need a bigger EA with more centralisation, or a smaller EA that only services High Performance and FEI level competition.  The EWA Board once again voiced our desire for a comprehensive and consultative governance review and offered our assistance and support. 

The EWA Board are committed to consult and discuss with all catagories of members as the governance review progresses, and now the appointment of the new CEO will enable this to commence.

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