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Posted by Marketing on 04/06/2021.

High Performance - Competitive Edge for WA

High Performance - Competitive Edge for WA

The inaugural webinar COMPETITIVE EDGE for the EWA High Performance squads was held on Tuesday 01 June 2021 and hosted by Sonja Johnson. It was well received with 24 squad members in attendance from several disciplines.

The Competitive Edge program, which is an initiative from National HP, will help to improve riders in 5 categories: Coaching philosophy, Veterinary Management, Sports psychology, Sports Science Sports Medicine and Business Skills.  The program will deliver off-horse content which will focus on developing emerging talent with a view to sustain longevity and success at the highest level of the sport.  The newly appointed coach for WA is Sonja Johnson,  she will aid in the delivery of the educational content, which has been developed by experts, and will support the implementation of 'Competitive Edge' across the country.

The interactive webinar was informative and the set time of one hour flew by. Valuable insight on remote coaching and system options was given by Sonja and Emily Gray, Izzy McLachlan who joined in from Ireland. Izzy confirming how owners also utilise remote coaching to monitor the progress of their sport horses in Ireland. Then the wonderful Darren Dawes revealed the effort, costs and outcomes of high quality live streaming on various media. He discussed the influence that Live Streaming is, and will, have on our sport. Will Enzinger, EA High Performance Pathways Manager, joined in later thanking everyone for their involvement in this relatively new, fun and interactive  program, off the horse. He is looking forward to many more informative sessions that will be hosted by some amazing presenter.

After some general questions from the participants, related to streaming and costs, the  Zoom meeting wrapped up with the next meeting confirmed for Tuesday 15 June 2021 at 7pm.

More information on HP - Competitive Edge - HERE

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