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Posted by Marketing on 24/09/2020.

Equestrian WA Annual Elections

Message from the Chair of Equestrian WA

All voting members of Equestrian WA have received a notice calling for nominations for positions on the Board and our other committees that are becoming vacant at the end of the year.

This is a great opportunity for individuals to have an opportunity to ‘put back’ into our sport.

The Board of EWA has worked tirelessly to support our sport and the State Equestrian Centre.  And our Sports and other Committees do the same for their individual sectors.

Whilst we are all time-poor, and volunteers – many of you have the ability to make a positive difference to our sport.

Our committees require leaders – if you know of someone who has qualities that will provide leadership to our sport, please approach them and suggest they nominate.

New ideas are the lifeblood of good Committees – we need passionate people to provide leadership and ideas.

The Board and CEO have worked closely with Sports Committees during the past few years and will continue to provide support and leadership.

Whilst there are only a few positions on the various committees being open to election, all Committees also have some opportunities for appointing positions, so those who nominate and may not be successful in the election may be offered an appointed position – again these are not ‘closed shop’ positions – they are genuine positions to ensure there is a good balance of skills and representation on the committees.

We have a great sport, please consider who may help us make the sport stronger, grow participation and provide leadership into 2021 and beyond.

Nominations close on 20th October 2020.

Ron Fleming

Chair Equestrian WA

The following Board and EWA committee positions open;

Nominations are called for EWA Board and Committee members for the 2021 EWA Annual Elections
EWA Board
Two (2) director positions 2021/2023
Dressage WA
Two (2) committee member positions 2021/2023
Two (2) affiliate positions 2021/2023
Eventing WA
Two (2) committee member positions 2021/2023
One (1) affiliate position 2021/2023
Jumping WA
Two (2) affiliate positions 2021/2023
Show Horse WA
Two (2) committee member positions 2021/2023
Two (2) affiliate positions 2021/2023
Coaching WA
Two (2) committee member positions 2021/2023

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