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Posted by Marketing on 26/05/2023.

Changes to the EWA Sports Fund

Equestrian WA (EWA), recognise the evolving needs of the equestrian community and in line with our new 2023 – 2024 rolling Strategic Plan, have made the proactive decision to shift the focus of the EWA Sports Fund from providing financial provision for competitive, participant and grass roots events to supporting our official’s and coaches’ pathways.

This fund will assist in the delivery of a key strategic item in the development and advancement of an officials and coach’s pathway strategy; including the recruitment, retention and succession planning, education, development and support programs and resources required to support this pathway strategy.

This decision reflects a deep understanding of the vital role our officials and coaches play in the world of equestrian sports, which serves as the backbone of fair competition, adherence to rules, safety, and education.

These individuals hold key positions such as judges, stewards, and course designers, ensuring the smooth functioning of events whilst upholding the integrity of the sport.

They contribute significantly to the success, fairness, and growth of the discipline, ensuring that competitions are conducted with honesty and that the welfare of both athletes and horses is prioritised.

We look to ensure the continued success and positive progress of our sport through support of our officials and coaches and hope this will provide and drive retention and growth in this space.


Interested in becoming an official or would like further information on officials?

Contact your specific discipline EWA Sports Committee for information on how to get involved or start your next step to your accreditation.

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