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Posted by Marketing on 15/05/2023.

The Change Makers!

National Volunteer Week, 15 - 21 May 2023

It goes without saying that the sport of Equestrian is held together by a bond of volunteers; those who are passionate and dedicated to our sport.

This year’s theme for National Volunteer Week, is ‘The Change Maker', a brand-new campaign for 2023 recognising that volunteers are the Change Maker in communities around the country.

What is a Change Maker?
A Change Maker is someone who takes action to make the world a better place.

Change makers are:

  • Driven to contribute to the greater good
  • Passionate about causes they care about
  • Tur their passions into purpose
  • The force behind social change
  • Give their time and energy to make a difference

Equestrian WA see many ‘Change Makers’ out in the field, ranging from State/Club Committee Members who drive club days, events, create opportunities for their members as well as providing a support system for their members growth, to our parents or keen enthusiast who join us at events, busy bees and rallies who lend their time building sandwiches in your canteen, picking up poles for your Showjumping arena, assisting as a marshal or learning the ropes as a Dressage Penciller. These are just a few roles that contribute to the running of our sport.

All these roles and many others don’t just happen on there own and our ‘Change Makers’ allow us to enjoy a sport to its full.

We are extremely lucky to have such big support in WA with our volunteers and Equestrian WA would like to say a big thank you to anyone contributing their time to our sport.




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