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Posted by Marketing on 07/07/2020.

EA Voluntary Administration - Joint Announcement from State Branches

Since EA was placed into voluntary administration, five of the State Branches have been working together to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Amend the EA Constitution to allow a College of representative stakeholders (including State Discipline and Coaching Committees, National Discipline Committees and the National Coaching Committee, as well the State Branches and Equestrian NT, 56 in total) to decide which governance model will be adopted. Our aim is that all members have a voice through their respective Disciplines Committee, Coaches Committee and Branch. A Requisition for a Special General Meeting to do this was submitted to KordaMentha yesterday (July 6th).
  2. Engage with members, to conduct proper due diligence on the governance options, then present the findings to the College for them to decide, at a Special General Meeting in approximately 6-12 months.
  3. Return EA to an Interim Board to oversee governance reform and avoid further costs under the administration process. A Deed of Company Arrangement (DOCA) was submitted to KordaMentha on Sunday, July 5th 2020 to achieve this.

Today, July 7th, a report from the Administrators, KordaMentha, will be provided to all members and creditors outlining their findings.  We will give more advice when the details are made public, and we encourage you to continue to engage with us.

Click on the hyperlinks, for further detailed information on the State Branch Constitutional Amendment and the EA Governance Reform Project.

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