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Posted by Marketing on 27/09/2023.

Congratulations Melissa Jenkins, Volunteer of the Month!

Congratulations to our Horseland WA and Equestrian WA Volunteer of the month winner, Melissa Jenkins!

Melissa's dedication to the South West Horse Trials Club over the past 26 years is truly commendable and is deeply rooted in her family's history, with her nanna Mae Kau having laid the foundation for the course decades ago.

Melissa's unwavering commitment shines through, as she consistently goes above and beyond, even during the off-season, working diligently to prepare the grounds for upcoming events. Her weeks of tireless effort in course preparation, often with just a handful of helpers, exemplify her leadership and determination to get the job done.

Her impact on the club is undeniable, as fellow member Sarah Johnson aptly put it: "I have the privilege of working with her and know that she puts in countless hours to ensure we keep running. I am so proud to be her offsides."

Melissa Jenkins is the heart and soul of South West Horse Trials, and her legacy will undoubtedly endure for generations to come. Her nomination for Horseland WA Volunteer of the Month is a well-deserved recognition of her dedication and contributions to the equestrian community in the region.

Thank you also to the kind support of Horseland WA who continues to help us celebrate and acknowledge the efforts of those supporting our sport and community.

For more information on the Horseland WA and Equestrian WA Volunteer of the Month or if you wish to nominate another deserving nominee, click here.

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