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Posted by Marketing on 29/05/2023.

Coach Reaccreditation Communication

Coach Reaccreditation for the 2023- 2024 financial year will open in mid June with an exact date to be confirmed. To assist your preparation for the upcoming reaccreditation period, please find attached two reaccreditation documents: 

  1. Coach Reaccreditation Requirements 2023-24
    This document outlines all requirements for the upcoming reaccreditation period including links and helpful tips to get you started. 

    Coach Reaccrediation Requirements 2023-24.pdf 

  2. Coach Reaccreditation Checklist (Optional Resource)
    This document has a table summarilising all requirements. It has been designed for you to fill out as you complete each task so you can keep track of your completions leading up to reaccreditation. This is an optional resources designed to assist coaches, we will not require a copy of this document.    

    Coach Reaccreditation Checklist.pdf 


Equestrian Australia ran a Reaccreditation Information Webinar via Zoom on Thursday the 18th of May. The Webinar breaks down the reaccreditation process and each requirement for the upcoming financial year. You can access the recording to the webinar through DropBox using the link below:

Reaccreditation Information Webinar - Watch Now! 


If you are having any trouble with understanding or completing the Coach Reaccreditation Requirements, please reach out to [email protected] for assistance.

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