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Posted by Equestrian Western Australia on 31/05/2018.

2018 Eventing Squads Announced

EWA is pleased to announce the EWA La Noir Saddleworld Eventing Squads for 2018. Congratulations to all athletes.

Combinations selected for the Squads have demonstrated performances at competition level worthy of recognition during the previous 12 months as reviewed by the Selection Panel.

  2018 Criteria 

State Squad

 Athlete  Horse
Sonja Johnson  Misty Isle Valentino (Arab Warmblood) owned by Phoebe Johnson
Parkiarrup Illicit Liaison (Thoroughbred) owned by Nikki Harwood
Lauren Browne  Sky’s Da Limit (Thoroughbred) owned by Lauren Browne
Belinda Isbister  Here to Stay (Thoroughbred) owned by Belinda Isbister
Tayah Andrew Silver Force (Thoroughbred) owned by Tracey Diederich
Michael Dagostino              Kinnordy Gatow (Hanoverian) owned by Michael Dagostino

Recognition Squad

Athlete Horse
Katherine Joyce The Diamond Thief (Thoroughbred) owned by Katherine Joyce
Phoebe Tucker Out To Play (Thoroughbred) owned by Phoebe Tucker
Emily Gray Jocular Vision (Warmblood x TB) owned by Emily Gray
Belinda Isbister Holy Bruce (Thoroughbred) owned by Belinda Isbister
Emma King DvZ Chevalier (WBxTB) owned by Emma King
Madison Gielen (JNR) Devereaux Top Up (TBxASH) owned by Madison Gielen
Cindy Lyall GI Joe (Thoroughbred) owned by Cindy Lyall
Tessa Sharman King’s Basil Brush (WBxTBxISH) owned by Tessa Sharman
Samantha Bain Barrabadeen Woodstock (Holsteiner) owned by Samantha Bain
Tegan Lush Touchstone Felix (ASH) owned by Tegan Lush
Kate Ingham Asti Aspiration (Thoroughbred) owned by Kate Ingham
Zoe Jones Yoicks Masterclass (Thoroughbred) owned by Zoe Jones
Mia Mercuri (JNR) ESB Irish Nymph (Irish Sport Horse) owned by Mia Mercuri
Sonja Johnson Parkiarrup Peregrine (Thoroughbred) owned by Phoebe Johnson

Youth Squad

Athlete Horse
William Baxter KDale Mr Collins (Warmblood) owned by Kathryn Baxter
Tayah Andrew BML Blackjack (Thoroughbred) owned by Oriel Douglas
Joshua Brown Tamblyn Park Sharatan (Anglo Arabian) owned by Joshua Brown
Louis McWhirter Kendlestone Park Montano (Thoroughbred) owned by Louis McWhirter
Isabelle McLachlan Ventura (Warmblood) owned by McLachlan Family
Koolong Park Strategy (Thoroughbred) owned by Isabelle McLachlan
Jayde Tyack (JNR) Prospect Lodge Decker (Thoroughbred) owned by Jayde Tyack

The EWA High Performance Program is proudly sponsored by La Noir Saddleworld.

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