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Posted by Equestrian Western Australia on 09/02/2017.

2016 Awards Night

More than 200 members of the WA equestrian community gathered at Mulberry on Swan on Friday 3 February to celebrate the sport’s highest achievers of 2016 as part of the Equestrian Western Australia Annual Awards Night. The evening was a great success, with the presentations occurring from 6:30pm-9:30pm (including a dinner break) followed by music, dancing and socialising until midnight.

EWA would like to thank our generous sponsors - Di Candilo Steel City, D'Arcy Slater Foundation, Horseland, Asset Edge Residential and Bates - for their support. Thanks must also be given to the charismatic Shaun Lowry for being MC, and to Horseplay Photography for covering the event.

EWA would also like to congratulate all of the award finalists and winners on their success as a result of the commitment and dedication they have shown to their sport. A list of winners for all of the awards can be viewed below.


EWA Award Winners

Administrator of the Year
Sponsored by Di Candilo Steel City

  • Dressage - Sara Botten
  • Eventing - Wendy Dunstan
  • Jumping - Gillian Fletcher
  • Show Horse - Eileen Morris

Administrator of the Year Winner - Wendy Dunstan

Volunteer of the Year

  • Dressage - Valrie Mayger
  • Eventing - Jan Lawrie
  • Jumping - Rosemary Inglis
  • Show Horse - Sharon Veccia

Volunteer of the Year Winner - Jan Lawrie

Official of the Year

  • Dressage - Janet Reid
  • Eventing - Rebecca Thomas
  • Jumping - Amy Kippin
  • Show Horse - Janet Reid

Official of the Year Winner - Janet Reid

Special Services to the Sport
Sponsored by D'Arcy Slater Foundation

  • Dressage - Harry Boldt
  • Eventing - Tom Compagnoni
  • Jumping - Judith Odgaard
  • Show Horse - Valrie Mayger

Special Services to the Sport Winner - Harry Boldt

Club of the Year

  • Dressage  - Perth Dressage Club
  • Eventing - Youth Eventing Squad WA
  • Jumping - WA Showjumping Association
  • Show Horse - Riverside Riding Club     

Club of the Year Winner - Perth Dressage Club

High Performance Coach of the Year
Sponsored by Horseland

  • Dressage - Roz Tippett
  • Eventing - Philippa Collier
  • Jumping - David Dobson

High Performance Coach of the Year Winner - David Dobson

Community Coach of the Year
Sponsored by Horseland

  • Dressage - Nadine Merewether
  • Eventing - Nadine Merewether
  • Jumping - Chad Donovan

Community Coach of the Year Winner - Nadine Merewether

Event of the Year

  • Dressage - Southern Solstice Dressage
  • Eventing - Alcoa International Horse Trials
  • Jumping - WASJA Patrons Cup
  • Show Horse - EWA Show Horse of the Year Show
  • Special Nomination - Eventing in the Park

Event of the Year Winners - WASJA Patron's Cup & Eventing in the Park

Owner of the Year

  • Dressage - Kate Barton
  • Eventing - Nikki Harwood
  • Jumping - Rory Hovell
  • Show Horse - Graetz Family

Owner of the Year Winner - Nikki Harwood

International Horse of the Year

  • Dressage - Ceasy
  • Eventing - Parkiarrup Illicit Liaison
  • Jumping - Stanley 151

International Horse of the Year Winner - Parkiarrup Illicit Liaison (owned by Nikki Harwood)

Domestic Horse of the Year
Sponsored by Asset Edge Residential

  • Dressage - Don Dancier
  • Eventing - Tempus Fugit
  • Jumping - Oaks Redwood
  • Show Horse - Bevanlee Folklore

Domestic Horse of the Year Winner - Don Dancier 

International Athlete of the Year

  • Dressage - Sharon Jarvis
  • Eventing - Sonja Johnson
  • Jumping - Evie Buller

International Athlete of the Year Winner - Sonja Johnson

Para Equestrian of the Year

Para Equestrian of the Year Winner - Sharon Jarvis

Young Athlete of the Year

  • Dressage - Kjersti Grov
  • Eventing - Shenae Lowings
  • Jumping - Angus Donovan
  • Show Horse - Jenna Hall        

Young Athlete of the Year Winner - Shenae Lowings

Domestic Athlete of the Year
Sponsored by Bates

  • Dressage - Deon Stokes
  • Eventing - Tegan Lush
  • Jumping - Maddison Stephen
  • Show Horse - Chris Lambert

Domestic Athlete of the Year Winner - Tegan Lush 

Eventing Master Series Winners


  1. Sara Pateman & Big Dry
  2. Tracey Matthews & Ellison Park Kit Kat
  3. Alison Williams & Notwithstanding II


  1. Emma Cummings & Mrs Nortonknight
  2. Isabelle McLachlan & KP Highley Lethal
  3. Megan Little & Akudamata


  1. Laurelle Hayes & Counting Stars
  2. Hannah Richardson & The Pledge
  3. Cindy Lyall & GI Warzone


  1. Katrina Reynolds & Phoenix Quill
  2. Kate Smith & Star of Kingston
  3. Georgia Shipp & Star of Illusion


  1. Tiarnna Robertson & Phantom Hideaway
  2. Tessa Sharman & King’s Basil Brush
  3. Laurelle Hayes & Nukku Park Royal Diamond


  1. Jamie Hall & GI Show N Tell
  2. Matilda Hathaway & Warrior Invader
  3. Mark Kendall & Aqua

One Star

  1. Tegan Cook/ Alan Campbell & Go Thommo
  2. Tegan Cook/Bridid Woss & ESB Irish Specialist
  3. Belinda Isbister & Here to Stay


  1. Belinda Isbister & Airaz
  2. Samantha Bain & Barrabadeen Woodstock
  3. Tegan Lush & Tempus Fugit

Saddles Plus Rising Star Winners

=1. Tiarnna Robertson & Phantom Hideaway
=1. Tessa Sharman & King’s Basil Brush
3. Jamie Hall & GI Show N Tell

Saddles Plus Interschool Series Winners

Secondary/Intermediate Dressage
Teagan Ettridge & Ballantyne Law and Order

Primary Dressage
Lauren Rowe & Charisma Park Emblem

Primary Jumping
Georgina Abbott & Kalli

Secondary Jumping
Tessa Lill & Mundaring Tyres Twistie

Primary Show Horse
Shania Benbow & Gordon Park Chiro

Secondary Show Horse
Brooke Sakich & Broadwater Park Standing Ovation

Emma Cumming & Mrs Nortonknight

Jumping Young Masters Series Winners


  1. Grace Lamont & Marbling Philosopher
  2. Tabitha Rowe & Naughty Girl
  3. Samantha Lamont & Windfall Gain


  1. Samantha Lamont & Windfall Gain
  2. Hayley Bettink & Misty Bird
  3. Isabelle Hutcheson & HL Fiasco


  1. Izabelle Dobson & Nawarrah Bridget Jones
  2. Angus Fraser & Impazzire
  3. Samantha Lamont & Glenwood Park Vatu

Jumping Horse of the Year Winner

Yalambis Carmen owned by Madison Stephen

Silver Series Winner

Nellandra Henry & Noblewood Park Corsair

Equine World Leaderboard Winners

Equine World Amateur
Karen McInnes

Equine World Young Rider
Sophie Ahmat

Show Horse Leaderboard Winners

Childs Show Hunter Pony 14hh & under
Gem Park Debonaire (owned by Eileen Morris)
Asharley Wills Way (owned Erin Tierney)

Childs Show Hunter Galloway 14hh – 15hh
Bawara Cosmic Chorus (owned Lisa & Sophie Vince)
Leedale Penelope (owned by Sky Curtain)

Childs Show Hunter Hack over 15hh
BML Sandriah (owned by Tracey Diederich, Corrie Andrew & Oriel Douglas)
Quantador (owned by Sara Mcleod)

Childs Show Pony 14hh & under
Breebrooke Just Joey

Childs Show Galloway 14hh - 15hh
Karma Park National Girl

Childs Show Hack over 15hh
CP Glamour

Show Hunter Pony 14 Hands & under
Yartarla Park Napoleon –owner Jessica Marsh

Show Hunter Galloway 14hh - 15hh
Bevanlee Folklore (owned by Paula Ayres)
Bawara Cosmic Chorus (owned by Sophie & Lisa Vince)

Show Hunter Hack over 15hh
BML Sandriaah (owned by Tracey Diederich, Corrie Andrew & Oriel Douglas)

Show Pony 14hh and under
Argyl Star Quality (owned by Fiona, Orleans & Carsten Graetz)

Show Galloway 14hh – 15hh
Burnbrae Park Talisman (owned by Richard Rice)

Show Hack over 15hh
Springston (owned by Chloe Chester)

17 Years and under
Chelsea Garland

Rider 18 years and over
Chris Lambert

Dressage Perpetual Award Winners

Uwe Spenlen Trophy

  1. Felice De Jeu (Owner/Rider Marjorie Radford)
  2. Wandiera Rhumba (Owner/Rider Liz Tollarzo-Gorham)
  3. Dolce (Owner Heidi MacKinlay/Rider Stephanie Spencer)

Transitions Trophy
Bessie Traylen

Eventing Perpetual Award Winners

Egoline Trophy
Nikki Harwood – Parkiarrup Illicit Liason

Breakaway Trophy
Sonja Johnson

Des Robinson Trophy
Tayah Andrew

Sheila Cook Trophy
Kate Ingham

Colin Dunham Award
Jan Lawrie

Jumping Perpetual Award Winners

Eric Marsden Trophy
Madison Stephen

George Hall Trophy
Tessa Lill

Patrons Award Winners

  • Dressage - Dinah Fleming
  • Jumping - Rosemary Inglis
  • Eventing - Graham Scott
  • Show Horse  - Val Mayger & Kerry Wilson

Life Membership

Awarded to Peter Hickson

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