2018 HOTY Qualifying Requirements

In November 2017, Equestrian WA and EWA Show Horse held a teleconference with representatives of EWA affiliated clubs to hear how we could help their clubs. Six clubs took part in the discussion and overwhelmingly requested that qualifying be reinstated for the 2018 EWA Horse of the Year.  Club representatives felt that this would encourage competitors to attend more club events. The EWA Show Horse Committee, in response to the clubs’ request, has put in place simple qualifying requirements for 2018.

Qualifying Period

Close of 2017 HOTY entries 1 August 2017 to close of 2018 HOTY entries 8 August 2018.


To qualify for the 2018 EWA Horse of the Year Show, a horse/pony must gain a placing (1st, 2nd or 3rd) in any official show horse class (excluding rider classes) at three (3) separate EWA affiliated events. These must be judged by a current EA Accredited Show Horse Judge.

For example – 3rd place lead line pony at Perth H&PC show, 2nd place child’s small pony hack class Riverside Riding Club show, 3rd place open small pony hack class Serpentine H&PC show will make the pony eligible for 2018 Horse of the Year.


  • Riders and Owners must be current EWA members at the time of qualifying.
  • Horses must hold a current EWA Show Horse Competition License at the time of qualifying.
  • Lead Rein Handlers must be a current EWA Participant or Competitor Member at the time of qualifying.
  • Competitors must enter qualifying events as an EWA member and pay the $7.00 EWA Show Horse Levy if they wish to use the points towards HOTY.
  • All results should be recorded on the Competition License and signed off by the presiding judge or an official of the organising body and submitted with entry to HOTY.
  • Once a horse or pony is qualified it may compete in Open, Childs and Leading Rein classes for which it is eligible at Horse of the Year.
  • Horses and ponies must hold a current EWA Height Certificate on the day of competition.
  • Lead Rein Handlers must be 18 years or over.
  • Rider age is at 1 January 2018.
  • Riders turning 5 years are eligible to compete the day they turn 5 years old.

Eligible/Ineligible Events

Eligible Events:

  • EWA Autumn Pageant
  • EWA Winter Gala
  • Any affiliated EWA event (including Ag Shows) providing event is run under EA National Show Horse rules and an accredited EA judge is presiding.

Ineligible events:

  • EWA Horse of the Year
  • Perth Royal Show
  • Show Horse Council WA Classic
  • Show Horse Council WA Western Stars
  • Show Horse Council Horse of the Year
  • Gosnells Masters
  • Any other events not run under EA National Show Horse Rules.

EWA Horse of the Year placings do not count as an attendance as the purpose of qualifications is to encourage competitors to support clubs.