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Posted by Marketing on 26/09/2023.

Welcome new partner, Hill's Gas Supply!

Equestrian Western Australia is delighted to introduce our newest sponsor, Hill's Gas, a family-owned and operated company nestled in the heart of Lesmurdie. As the largest independent dealer of LPG in Western Australia, Hill's Gas brings a wealth of expertise and a commitment to excellence that perfectly aligns with our equestrian values.

Hill's Gas has been a trusted supplier of LPG to residential and commercial customers throughout Western Australia for years. Their dedication to customer service is second to none, ensuring that you receive the energy you need with a smile. Whether you're warming your home or powering your business, Hill's Gas is there to provide reliable and affordable LPG solutions.

What sets Hill's Gas apart is their competitive spirit. They understand the importance of offering value to their customers without compromising quality.

With Hill's Gas by our side, we're confident that our equestrian journey will be filled with energy, warmth, and success. We invite our members and supporters to join us in extending a warm welcome to Hill's Gas. Together, we'll ride towards a future brimming with excellence and fuelled by the dedication of our newest partner, Hill's Gas.

Find out more on how Hill’s Gas Supply and their products can assist your upgrades here…

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