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Posted by Marketing on 02/05/2023.

Interschools Eventing Series - Scoring Update

Post the 2023 Saddles Plus Interschools Competition, EWA received queries regarding how places were determined for the inaugural Interschools eventing series.

Riders must compete at two of the three events to qualify for the Interschools Eventing Series, with the average of their penalties used to determine placing. If the rider competed in two events their score was divided by two. If the rider competed in three events, their score was divided by three.
ie. Capel= 28 penalties, WAYER= 33.2 penalties & Harvey= 27.2 penalties =29.47 penalties.

In the event where there were two riders who had the same average score, the higher place will be determined by who attended the most events. If this was still the same, the higher place will be determined by who received the lowest penalties out of their three events.

To promote active participation in all eventing series events – Capel, WAYER and Harvey; only those who rode at all three events were eligible for the Champion event rider award. The rider who receives the lowest average score across the three events will become the Champion Event Rider. This rider will be invited to the Interschools Awards night to accept their award.

Please also note, that in accordance to the 2023 Interschools Eventing Series Rules published,  all students were awarded together as per the nationals scoring; meaning as per the Interschools Nationals scoring and results, all students (primary and secondary) were not separated into different age groups to receive awards.


For further information regarding the 2023 Interschools Eventing Series, please contact our Sport Development Manager via [email protected]

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