Master Series Leaderboard

Leaderboard Information

The following classes are being run for the Eventing Master Series (current standings as of 04.06.2024):

  • EVA65 Rookie - Current Standings - HERE
  • EvA80 Rookie - Current Standing - HERE
  • EVA80 - Current Standings - HERE
  • Spooks Australia EVA80J - Current Standings - HERE
  • EVA95 - Current Standings - HERE
  • Lockharts Sport Horses EVA95J - Current Standings - HERE
  • iVideo Production CCN1* - Current Standings - HERE
  • CCNJ1* - HERE
  • CCN2* - Current Standings - HERE
  • Horseland 3 & 4 Star Open - Current Standings - HERE

Points will be collated as follows for all classes at Metropolitan events:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
6 5 4 3 2 1




Points will be collated as follows for all classes at Country events:

 1st 2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th
 12  10  8  6  4  2


For Three Day Events, points will be awarded as follows for CCI****/***/**Long CCN1* Long Classes:  

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
12 10 8 6 4 2





  • Points are allocated in the calendar year for each EWA sanctioned event in Western Australia.

  • Points are allocated to all classes including OTT and Open classes, and will be awarded onto the relevant leaderboard. 

  • All points scored are for one horse/rider combination.

  • If the horse is sold during the season, the new horse/rider combination reverts to zero points. 

  • EvA95, EvA80 and EvA65 classes open to any horse that has never competed in CCN1*/CCNJ1* or above. 

  • EvAJ95,EvAJ80 and EvA65J classes open to any horse/rider combination.  

  • In EvA95/EvAJ95, EvA80/EvAJ80 EvA65/EvAJ65 horse/rider combination is only eligible to win the series once. 

  • If a horse and rider Combination upgrade during the season they will carry half of their points gained in the previous grade to the new level they upgrade to. This can happen multiple times during the season and each time, half of the points gained in the lower level will be taken to the new higher level 

  • If a horse/rider combination moves down a grade, any points gained in a higher class will remain in that class. 

  • To be eligible to have upgrading points allocated in a leaderboard the horse/rider combination must have had three completions at that grade within the season.

  • It may be possible for an individual horse/rider combination to gain a placing in more than one class. 

  • Country Incentive - Country events (more than 100km from the Perth CBD) will be awarded double points for all placings in all grades. 

  • In case of an equality of points a count back will be taken to the number of wins, then the number of 2nds, third etc. If still equal then the count back will go to the highest average dressage percentage. 

  • Eventing WA reserve the right to alter/modify rules and prizes.  

  • A presentation rug will be awarded to the winner of each class, and prize money to 3rd place (6th place if leaderboard is sponsored).