Master Series Leaderboard

Leaderboard Information

The following classes are being run for the Eventing Master Series.

  • EvAJ80
  • EvA80
  • EvAJ95
  • EvA95
  • CCN1*
  • CCNJ1*
  • CCN2*
  • Open - Three Star and above

 Points will be collated as follows for all classes:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
6 5 4 3 2 1



For Three Day Events, points will be awarded as follows for CCI***/**/*/EVA105 CCN1* Classes: 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th7
12 10 8 6 4 2





  • All points scored are for one horse/rider combination.
  • If the horse is sold during the season, the new horse/rider combination reverts to zero points.
  • EvA95 and EvA80 classes open to any horse that has never competed in EvA105/EvAJ105 or above.
  • EvAJ95 and EvAJ80 classes open to any horse/rider combination. A rider may compete in this class until the end of the year they turn 18.
  • In EvA95/EvAJ95 and EvA80/EvAJ80 a horse/rider combination is only eligible to win the series once.
  • Horse/rider combinations not qualified to compete in One, Two or Three Star classes may also compete in this ungraded class.
  • Points gained by horse/rider combinations will NOT move between classes.
  • If a horse/rider combination moves either up or down a grade, any points gained in a class will remain in that class.
  • It may be possible for a horse/rider combination to have points in several classes.
  • Points are cumulative during the season within the class the horse/rider is competing.
  • It may be possible for an individual horse/rider combination to gain a placing in more than one class.
  • Pony Club classes do not qualify for points.
  • In case of an equality of points a countback will be taken to the number of wins, then the number of 2nds, third etc. If still equal then the countback will go to the highest average dressage percentage.
  • Eventing WA reserve the right to alter/modify rules and prizes.
  • Presentation of prizes will be on the EWA Eventing Awards Night. A presentation rug will be awarded to the winner of each class, and prize money to 3rd place.