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Posted by Equestrian Western Australia on 01/06/2017.

Eventing WA Medical Protocols Update

The following update contains a reminder regarding medical checks after falls at an event and advice regarding concussion protocol.

Falls - All riders who falls anywhere at the competition MUST report to the Event Paramedics/Doctor. A report (even for falls with no injury) must be recorded. Refer to National Eventing Rules 523.3 - Examination After a Fall.

Concussion - In common with other States, Eventing WA has implemented the following concussion protocols:

  • A mandatory suspension of 21 days following a concussion. If there is any doubt the competitor can be re-examined after 2 hours and if concussed the mandatory suspension will be imposed.
  • Riders may have a mandatory suspension reduced or removed by providing written confirmation to Eventing WA from a Medical Practitioner that they are completely symptom-free.
  • Paramedics/Doctors will advise Eventing WA of any concussions. The Technical Delegate is responsible for reporting these to Eventing WA.
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