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Posted by Equestrian Western Australia on 07/09/2017.

EA Elected Director Nominations Open

At the forthcoming 2017 Annual General Meeting of Equestrian Australia Limited, there will be vacancies for the position of 'Elected Director', being a director appointed by a vote of the Branches.

Although Elected Directors are appointed by a vote of the Branches, Participating Members are entitled to nominate persons to be considered. Should you wish to nominate someone to fill the position of Elected Director, please complete the below nomination form.

Each person who is nominated for the position of Elected Director must satisfy the eligibility requirements set out in rules 21.1 and 21.2 of Equestrian Australia's Constitution.

A person nominated for the position of Elected Director will not become an Elected Director of Equestrian Australia unless and until they are elected by the Branches to that position at the Annual General Meeting.

Nomination Form

Nomination forms must be returned to Equestrian Australia by email to [email protected] or post to PO Box 673 Sydney Markets NSW 2129 by no later than Saturday 28 October 2017.

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