Sport Committees

Role Name
Chair/Newsletter Suzanne Simons
Vice Chair, Para-equestrian Val Mayger
Treasurer Natalie Sakich
Junior & Young Rider Representative, Social Media & Website Stephanie Munro
Rider Representative Sharon Pasco
Club Liason Representative & Pony Representative Leanne Pitcher
Participant Representative Tanya Pasznicki
High Performance Tracy Spackman
General Committee Member Linley Crackel

Contact Dressage WA

Name Position Term Contact
Polly Ann Huntington Chair, National Eventing Committee Elected 2017/2020 [email protected]
Peter McLachlan     [email protected]
Kerrie Robbins Treasurer Elected 2017/2020 [email protected]
Vaz McLaughlan Secretary Co-opted 2018  
Philippa Collier HP coordinator, Rider liaison Elected 2017/2020 [email protected]
Kate Ingham Organising committees liaison Appointed 2018 [email protected]
Rozanne Sinclair (Taylor) PCAWA Liaison, Awards Elected 2018/2021 [email protected]
Ruth Ellis  Communications Elected 2018/2021 [email protected]
Tom Compagnoni   Appointed 2018 [email protected]
Alan Campbell   Appointed 2018 [email protected]
Sarah Hickson      

Name Position Term Email
Kevin Gianatti Chair Elected Member 2016 - 2019 Email
Kevin Tully Vice Chair / Officials / Handbook Elected Member 2016 - 2019 Email
Renatta Milczarcek Treasurer Elected Member 2015 - 2018 Email
Tracey Barber Selector / Club Liason Elected Member 2018/2021 Email
Rosemary Inglis Equipment Elected (Affiliate) Member 2015 - 2018 Email
Lucy Galovicova Media Elected Member 2016 - 2019 Email
Chelsea McInnes   Appointed Member 2018 Email
Amy Kippin   Appointed Member 2018 Email
Judith Odgaard   Appointed Member 2018 Email
Suzanne McGill   Appointed Member 2018 Email
Caitlin Bolger   Appointed Member 2018 Email

Name Position Term Email
Valrie Mayger Chair Championship Series, Procuring Judges for Shows - Accommodation, Flights, Hospitality, Development Squad, Liaison with EWA Office, Commentating at Shows Elected 2018/2021 Email
Kerry Wilson Treasurer and Minute Taker, Leader Board, National Delegate, Scoring HOTY Elected Member 2017 - 2020 Email
Marlene Kinder Create garlands and awards for HOTY and other shows, Decorate arenas and organise tents for judges and stewards, Assist with Catering at shows Elected 2017/2020 Email
Tenille Walters Judges’ Seminar, Annual Trophies, Trade Hub HOTY Appointed Member 2018 Email
Sharon Veccia Sponsorship, Assist with selection and Purchase of rugs/sashes for HOTY, Face Book administrator Appointed 2018 Email
Debra King Measuring Appointed 2018 Email
Warwick Vale Medication Control Appointed 2018 Email

 Jane Beaverstock Chair
Michelle Halliday Vice Chair
Suzanne Battistessa Secretary
Carol Brice Judges
Jess Kneale  
Paula Patricelli RDA Representative / Judges