Vaulting Leaderboards & Awards

2017 Saddles Plus Interschool Series

The following classes are being run for the 2017 Vaulting Interschools Leaderboard Series:

  • Individual
  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
  • Novice
  • Pre-Novice
  • Preliminary
  • Pre-Novice AWD
  • Preliminary AWD

Points will be collated as follows for all classes:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
6 5 4 3 2 1

Series Calendar

Date Event
 8 April  Bunbury Agricultural Show
 20 - 22 April  WA State Interschool Championship (double points)
 20 & 21 May  Ripplebrook Equestrian Vaulting Academy (Brookleigh)
 1 & 2 July  Riding for the Disabled Collie
 2 & 3 September Central Midlands Riding & Pony Club


  • All competitors must be currently enrolled in a primary or secondary school.
  • Points are scored in individual events only.
  • Points gained by a vaulter will NOT move between classes.
  • If a vaulter moves either up or down a class, any points gained in a class will remain in that class.
  • It is possible for a vaulter to have points in several classes.
  • Points are cumulative during the season within the class the vaulter is competing.
  • It is possible for a vaulter to gain an overall placing in more than one class.
  • Pony Club and RDA classes do not qualify for points.
  • In the case of equality of points, a count back will be taken to the number of wins, then the number of seconds, thirds etc.
    If still equal, then the count back will go to the highest average compulsory score
  • Vaulting WA reserve the right to alter/modify rules and prizes.
  • Presentation of prizes will happen at the EWA Awards Night (held February 2018). Prizes to be announced.