2020 Triple Crown Cash Award

The EWA Show Horse Committee is offering a Triple Crown Cash Award in 2020 to any horse/pony that is awarded a Champion at all 3 EWA run shows in open show horse and show hunter classes.

These shows are:

  • Autumn Pageant
  • Winter Gala
  • Horse of the Year

A $1000 cash prize will be on offer to be split evenly between any winners.

  • If only one horse/pony wins champion at all three shows winner takes all.
  • If multiple horses/ponies win champion at all three shows prize money will be divided equally amongst the winners.
  • If no horse/pony wins champion at all three shows, no prize money will be awarded.

Classes which count are:

  • Champion Small Show Pony
  • Champion Small Hunter Pony
  • Champion Medium Show Pony
  • Champion Medium Hunter Pony
  • Champion Large Show Pony
  • Champion Large Hunter Pony
  • Champion Small Show Galloway
  • Champion Small Hunter Galloway
  • Champion Large Show Galloway
  • Champion Large Hunter Galloway
  • Champion Small Show Hack
  • Champion Small Hunter Hack
  • Champion Large Show Hack
  • Champion Large Hunter Hack

Awards will be presented to any winner/winners at the EWA Awards Night.