2022 Triple Cash Bonanza


The Show Horse Committee would like to thank all EWA Members for competing at EWA and affiliated club events throughout 2022. We hope you had a successful season. 

We are pleased and proud that the Eastern States judges who come to our shows are very complimentary of our horses and riders and the way our shows are conducted.

As well as focussing on our team to represent Western Australia at the Australasian Show Horse and Rider Championships, (“The Nationals”) we are also turning our attention to the Show Horse Awards function where we will award the Leaderboard winners andfive lucky winners of the EWA Members Triple Cash Bonanza.

To be eligible for the fantastic Triple Cash Bonanza you must have competed, either as the owner of a horse/pony or rider, at all three of the EWA Show Horse events in 2022. The three qualifying events are the Autumn Pageant, Winter Gala and the EWA and Endeavon Products Horse and Rider of the Year.  The Newcomer classes are not a qualifying event. 

Based on our assessment of entries via Nominate, we have identified the EWA Members who are eligible. If you competed at all three events, and your name is not on this list please contact Val Mayger at [email protected] or on 0417 991 364 by 31 December 2022.

You would need to be able to prove that you own a horse that competed at all three events or that you rode (or participated in Lead Rein) at all three events.  Entering a horse but scratching before the show or on the day does not count. CLICK HERE to find out if you are eligible. 

The Show Horse Awards function will likely be held in late January 2023.  We will advise of the date and venue in due course. There may be a small cost to cover any hire and light refreshment expenses.

The winners of the $500 first prize and four prizes of $125 in the Triple Cash Bonanza will be made by a random draw at the Show Horse Awards function. 

We look forward to celebrating the end of the show season with all our show horse competitors in a casual relaxed setting.




In previous years a Triple Crown award was provided by the Show Horse Committee and was awarded to the owner of an exhibit which won Champion in its respective ridden class at all three shows conducted by EWA Show Horse during a calendar year. 

The three shows are:

  • EWA Autumn Pageant (usually held in April/May)
  • EWA Winter Gala (usually held in June)
  • EWA Horse and Rider of the Year (held in September).

The Triple Crown was an honour to win and a substantial cash prize of $1000 was offered.

The extent of prizemoney offered in Show Horse events is insufficient overall to off-set the cost of keeping, training and showing horses. Athletes/competitors, or owners’ motivation is more likely to be based on the love of animals, riding and showing horses, social interaction and the pride in winning a ribbon or broad sash. Nevertheless, a significant cash prize can help to offset the cost of EWA Membership, entry fees or travel in some circumstances.

The purpose of the Triple Crown was to encourage competitors to attend all three EWA shows and to provide a reward to an outstanding ridden exhibit.

However, it was noted that the Triple Crown may also have operated as a disincentive as exhibits which were not successful in winning Champion at the Autumn Pageant were no longer eligible for the Triple Crown, and thus competitors may have elected not to attend the other shows (particularly the Winter Gala) if there were other competitions on at the same time.  Further, it did not share the precious and limited funds of EWA Show Horse or its sponsors to other members.

In addition, the winners of Champion/Supreme at the three shows receive a small cash award (about $50 for Champion), sashes, rugs, garlands and sponsors’ products. So they are already the beneficiary of awards and prizes. 

The Triple Crown was previously presented at the EWA Awards Night. The EWA Awards Night has been amended in format such that the individual sport discipline awards will not be presented. Instead, the sport disciplines may hold their own presentation events.  EWA Show Horse will hold a Show Horse function provisionally in November each year to present the Leaderboard winners and other relevant accolades.

Accordingly, EWA Show Horse created a new “Loyalty Award” to encourage attendance at all three Show Horse events and to endeavour to distribute the funds more widely.

The advantages of a “Loyalty Award” are that it would distribute valuable EWA Show funds back to members, would allow more competitors, or owners, a chance to receive a cash bonus and would assist in satisfying the draft EWA Key Performance Indicators Policy by encouraging participation.

The Triple Cash Bonanza is so titled as there are three EWA Show Horse events which make people eligible to win.

The Triple Cash Bonanza will operate in accordance with the following Guidelines:

1. EWA Show Horse will allocate an amount of $1000 for the Triple Cash Bonanza Loyalty Award.

2. There will be five cash amounts to be awarded.
(a) One cash award of $500 and;
(b) Four cash awards of $125 each.

3. Only EWA members will be eligible.

4. The Triple Cash Bonanza is open to either competitors (riders) or an owner.

5. For the purpose of these Guidelines, the word "owner" includes the single or multiple ownership of an exhibit, or lessee of an exhibit, who shall all be EWA members. For any exhibit (horse or pony) which is co-owned by two or more members, the members will receive a co-joint entry into the Triple Cash Bonanza draw. For example, Member A+Member B or Member A+Member C.

5A The same exhibit does not need to compete at all three events but the member must own an exhibit which competes at all three events.

6. The Triple Cash Bonanza will only be awarded to a person. (That is, not to a company or organisation.)

7. The member/competitor (rider) does not need to ride or own their own exhibit, but they must compete on an exhibit owned by an EWA member and the exhibit must hold a valid competition licence.

8. Eligibility is afforded to any and all EWA Members who compete at all three qualifying events either by owning any exhibit which competes or by riding as a competitor at all three qualifying events. The three qualifying events are:

• Autumn Pageant
• Winter Gala
• Horse and Rider of the Year

8A The Newcomer show is not a qualifying event whether it is held on the same date as one of the events listed in Clause 8 or on another date.

9. Any EWA member/competitor or owner of an exhibit who has satisfied the qualifying criteria, is eligible for the chance draw. One chance per eligible EWA member.

10. The member or competitors' exhibit does not need to win or be placed at the qualifying events.

11. The Triple Cash Bonanza winners will be selected by a random draw to be held at the Show Horse Awards function.

12. The Triple Cash Bonanza random draw will be made based on the verified names of the eligible members to be drawn and witnessed by a scrutineer(s) and those attending the Show Horse Awards Function.

13. If the Show Horse Awards Function is unable to be held, a random draw will be made based on the verified names of the eligible athletes/competitors or owners witnessed by independent persons and scrutineer(s) at the Offices of EWA not later than 30 November in the calendar year

14. The winner of the $500 cash prize will not be eligible for the further prizes of $125 each.

15. The first drawn winner of a $125 cash prize will not be eligible for the subsequent $125 cash prizes.

16. The second drawn winner of a $125 cash prize will not be eligible for the subsequent $125 cash prizes.

17. The third drawn winner of a $125 cash prize will not be eligible for the final $125 cash prize.

18. The cash prizes will be made by direct deposit into an approved bank or credit account held in the name of the winners by EWA Accounts within 30 days of the announcement of the winners.

19. If the winner of any of the cash prizes does not have a bank or credit account registered with EWA, the amount will be paid to them by an alternative method.

20. If the winner is a child under 18 years of age who does not have a bank or credit account registered with EWA, the amount will be paid by agreement to a parent or guardian who has a registered bank or credit card account, or paid to the winner by an alternative method.

21. If there are no competitors (riders) or owners who are eligible for the Triple Cash Bonanza, then the award will lapse for the calendar year In this circumstance, the Show Horse Committee reserves the right to use the allocated funds for alternative purposes for the benefit of the Show Horse discipline.

22. If, due to circumstances beyond the control of the EWA Show Horse Committee any, or all of, the three qualifying shows are unable to be held in the calendar year, then the Show Horse Committee reserves the right to determine an alternative eligibility method or allocate the funds for alternative purposes for the benefit of the Show Horse discipline.

23. These Guidelines may be altered or amended by the EWA Show Horse Committee, with agreement with the Chief Executive Officer of EWA, to ensure fairness in the awarding of the cash prizes and to respond to any inconsistency.

EWA Show Horse Committee

Updated February 2022

CLICK HERE to download a PDF copy of these guidelines.