EquineWorld Amateur Rider Series

Event Guidelines

  • Classes are run as per run as per National Jumping Amateur Rules Article 255.
  • If the show schedule allows, riders can compete in both Amateur A and Amateur B classes at the same show but must ride different horses.
  • All class winners receive a rug and prizes as arranged with the club.
  • Expressions of interest to become a host club of the Amateur events should be directed to Tracey Barber of EquineWorld ([email protected]) prior to September of the previous year.
  • EquineWorld, in conjunction with EWA Jumping Committee, reserves the right to modify, alter or change any of the Amateur Series Guidelines at their sole discretion, with or without notice to its affiliates.


  • There are two Amateur leaderboards - Amateur A and Amateur B.
  • Maintenence of the leaderboard is to be the responsibility of the EWA Jumping Committee.
  • Points will be awarded from each round with 1st - 10, 2nd - 8, 3rd - 6, 4th - 5, 5th – 4, 6th – 3 and additionally each clear first round that is not placed will gain 1 point.
  • The leaderboard will be based on the performance of the horse and rider combination.
  • Equality of points will be separated by the number of wins and subsequent placings.
  • The winner of a leaderboard at end of the season will be awarded a rug and voucher at the EWA Awards Night.

EquineWorld Amateur A

Class height will start at 1.05 in March and progress through to 1.20m in November.

Amateur A riders may not compete in an Amateur A class if they compete in a class where the first round is higher than 1.20m at that show.

EquineWorld Amateur B

Class height will start at 90cm in March and rise through to 1.04m in November.

Amateur B combinations may not compete in an Amateur class if they compete in a class where the first round is higher than 1.04m at that show.

EquineWorld Amateur Triple Crown Series

The aim is to give Amateur A riders a feature class at major shows in WA.

  • Each year EquineWorld in conjunction with an EWA Jumping Committee representative will nominate five (5) major shows to run an Amateur Triple Crown Series feature class.
  • The winning rug of the Triple Crown feature classes will carry the EquineWorld Amateur Triple Crown Logo.
  • Each Triple Crown feature class will also have a winning trophy.
  • Placings of Triple Crown feature classes will be allocated points on the Amateur Leaderboard Series.
  • Any Rider/Horse combination that wins ANY three (3) of the nominated feature classes for 2018 will be the Triple Crown Champion.
  • The EquineWorld Amateur Triple Crown Winner will be awarded their rug and prize at the EWA Annual Awards Night.

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