Equestrian Skills Courses

Equestrian Australia, as part of its member education services, has provided school-based riders with access to their Introductory Riding and Introductory Horse Management workbooks at a discounted price for use in the EWA Courses with Horses Equestrian Skills Program. Whether you aspire to work in the equestrian industry after school, or you simply want to improve your equestrian knowledge, the EWA Courses with Horses Program is a good place to start.

The program consists of both theory and practical components. The theory components are delivered in a flexible home-study manner using comprehensive workbooks and recommended readings which can be supplemented using your own coach. Practical study may be done individually with coaches, coach educators or other industry experts. Assessments are also required.

Once the Introductory Horse Management and Introductory Riding modules have been completed, candidates can begin the Level I Horse Management and Riding modules which provide another opportunity for further study. Candidates 18 years and over can also progress toward becoming an Introductory EA Coach.

How do I get assessed?

Assessments will be carried out by Coach Educators or SSTA’s and your results registered with Equestrian Australia. To find an Assessor, please view the Coach Search available on the Equestrian Australia website and select Coach Educators or Skills Specific Trainer or Assessor from the drop-down menu.


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