2018 Saddles Plus Interschool Equestrian Festival

Date: 18 – 20 April 2018
Venue: State Equestrian Centre - Brigadoon, Western Australia

Welcome to the 2018 Saddles Plus Interschool Festival - WA's biggest equestrian event for WA riders in their primary and secondary years. Join us for three action-packed days of Dressage, Jumping, Show Horse, Combined Training, teambuilding and fun!

We are excited to announce that this year's event has been renamed to the '2018 Saddles Plus Interschool Festival' as we will not only be running the State Interschool Championships, but also a newly introduced Interschool Participation Competition. The Participation Competition will offer grassroots school-aged competitors an opportunity to experience the thrill of competing at the Interschools without the pressure of having to compete against the best riders in the state. The State Interschool Championships will run as normal, with competitors able to contribute towards team scores, earn individual performance awards and perhaps even qualify for the 2018 National Interschool Championships.

EWA will also again be hosting the Off the Track Challenge for Interschools Equestrian Competitors and Jockeys on the last evening of the championships.

Competition Comparison

  Saddles Plus Interschool Equestrian State Championships Saddles Plus Interschool Equestrian Participation Competition
Membership Type Required Competitor Participant
Horse EA Registration Required Yes No
Qualification Required Yes No
Eligible for Overall Championship Points Yes No
Eligible to Qualify for Australian Championships Yes* No
Team Manager Required Yes No, but must nominate a parent/guardian contact
Rules EA National Interschool Rules & Sport Rules EA National Interschool Rules & Sport Rules
Helper Duty Required Yes Yes
Performances may be used for 2019 State Championships Yes Yes (for relevant classes)

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