Rising Star Leaderboard

The Rising Star Award aims to reward a horse and rider combination that has not previously ever received any eventing grading points, and has been successful throughout the year in official WA eventing competition.

Competition points will be awarded in accordance with National Eventing Leaderboards and Rankings (EA rule 15 and FEI art 506, 2.1). All performances in Equestrian Australia events in the season will be recorded.

The EWA Eventing Committee reserves the right to alter or modify rules if required.


  • Must be competing at EvA105 and above.
  • Horses must be registered with EWA and hold a current Eventing Competition License.
  • Horses must be commencing the competition with no previous eventing grading points.
  • Riders must be a current Senior or Junior member of EWA.
  • Horses must be at least four years of age.
  • No maximum age restriction will apply.
  • Points will only be awarded if a qualifying result is obtained.
  • Points are only scored for the one horse/rider combination.
  • If the horse is sold during the season the new rider is not eligible for the award.

Previous Winners

2018: Emma Cumming & Just Reilly
2017: Katherine Joyce & The Diamond Thief
2016 (Dual Winners): Tiarna Robertson & Phantom Hideaway
                                    Tessa Sharman & King's Basil Brush
2015: Kirsten Twining & Newhope Nimble
2014: William Baxter & KDale Mister Fox
2013: Laurelle Hayes & Stars on Fire