Eventing Committee




Polly Ann Huntington

Chair, National Eventing Committee

Elected 2017/2020


Peter McLachlan



Kerrie Robbins


Elected 2017/2020

Vaz McLaughlan


Co-opted 2018

Philippa Collier


Elected 2017/2020

Kate Ingham

Organising committees liaison

Appointed 2018

Rozanne Sinclair (Taylor)

PCAWA Liaison, Awards

Elected 2018/2021

Ruth Ellis

HP Coordinator, Communications

Elected 2018/2021

Tom Compagnoni


Appointed 2018

Alan Campbell


Appointed 2018

Sarah Hickson



Strategic Goals

In order to raise the level of professionalism for the sport of eventing in Western Australia, the following strategies are to be developed by the committee:

  • Eventing WA will provide an operating budget and ensure overall management of funds. They will appoint a Financial Management Committee, which will be persons not members of Eventing WA, to act independently of the committee, to consider recommendations for funding under the Guidelines for Funding.
  • To raise a levy on every rider, on a “pay as you ride” basis, to create a fund of monies that will be used to secure the financial future of the sport.
  • To fund Clubs affiliated with the Equestrian Federation of Australia (WA) Branch, in providing Grants for them to upgrade their courses and facilities.
  • To secure a sponsorship commitment from both the corporate and private sectors.
  • To provide sponsors with a tangible benefit for their commitment.
  • Provide a Championship Series with events being held throughout the State, with riders cumulating points towards a  Prize Pool at the conclusion of the Series each year.
  • To provide professional management of Eventing including training of Judges and Stewards. Conduct an annual Seminar for National Technical Officials, Event Organisers.
  • Continue to strive for ongoing Government Funding and support.
  • To encourage and promote riders to compete in National and International competitions, by giving financial support in travel assistance.
  • To facilitate professional and expert coaching from National and International coaches to riders.
  • To support an annual International Three Day Event in Western Australia.
  • To fund the construction of 20 fully transportable jumps that may be available for use at all approved EFA courses.
  • Management and upgrade of cross country courses at State Equestrian Centre, Brigadoon.
  • The plans and drawings of the transportable jumps commissioned by Eventing WA are available to all clubs free of cost for use by their own course builders.  

No club/association is eligible to receive more than 20% of gross available development funds set aside for Grants at any time.  This is to ensure that all or any club or association that submits a grant has a chance at being successful and that no club may claim all the available funds, no matter what the reason.