WA Farm Shop FEI Eventing Grand Slam

WA Farm Shop FEI Eventing Grand Slam Leaderboard Information (updated 22/11/2022)

The following classes are being run for the WA Farm Shop FEI Eventing Grand Slam:

  • 1 Star Junior - current standings HERE
  • 1 Star - current standings HERE
  • 2 Star - current standings HERE
  • Open 3 & 4 Star - current standings HERE


WA Eventing FEI Eventing Grand Slam



  • To create a completely new and unique series for WA’s top-level equestrian eventing combinations
  • To unite the only four FEI (international level) events held in WA in a competition series
  • To develop a better awareness of the four FEI events as international standard to athletes, spectators and sponsors alike


The Series

The WA Farm Shop Grand Slam is a completely new concept designed to promote the highest levels of eventing in Western Australia.

Place getters in the FEI 2*, 3* and 4*, CCN 1* & CCNJ1* classes at each of the events listed below will have their results tallied onto a Leader board with prize money, presentation rugs and rosettes for the top three in each class.

3* & 4* winners & placegetters will be combined to one leaderboard. Points will be allocated to each level separately but scored on one leaderboard.

 The events are:

  • WAYER (WA Young Event Riders)
  • Dryandra Horse Trials
  • Perth Horse Trials International 3DE
  • Southern Hills Eventing at Fairbridge
  • Swan River Horse Trials at Capel in October

The Leader board will be updated after each event, promoted on the Equestrian WA website and on the event Facebook pages.

Whilst the series recognises elite equestrian sportsmen and women, the competitions themselves attract large numbers of lower-level participants.  These are the grassroots competitors who may, one day, become top level riders themselves.


Benefits of running the WA Farm Shop Grand Slam Series 

  • To raise profile of FEI events for the benefit of riders and sponsors alike
  • To encourage WA’s national, international and Olympic hopefuls
  • To help the four not-for-profit Organising Committees with funding needed to constantly upgrade the courses, arenas and facilities to maintain an international standard and atmosphere
  • Or to help off-set costs for live streaming
  • To prepare horse and rider combinations with exposure to the kind of atmosphere they can expect at top level national and, indeed, international competition


 The Series Rules

  • To gain any points, the rider must complete the event (MER not required)
  • To be eligible for a final place on any leaderboard, horse & rider combinations must have competed at 3 out of the 5 FEI events in WA (competed meaning started in the dressage phase)
  • If at any point a FEI event is cancelled, then no points will be awarded for that event.
  • If one of the above listed events in unable to run a FEI event for any reason, the event will still be included in the leader board with all point allocations remaining the same
  • If a competitor is Withdrawn, Retired or Eliminated, at any stage of the FEI event, then no points will be awarded.
  • The final placings of Athletes in the Series will be made by accumulation of the points according to the points scale below


2022 WA Farm Shop Series Points Table 

          Place      Points

  • 1st      -     50
  • 2nd     -     45
  • 3rd      -     40
  • 4th      -     36
  • 5th      -     32
  • 6th      -     28
  • 7th      -     25
  • 8th      -     22
  • 9th      -     19
  • 10th    -     17
  • 11th    -     16
  • 12th    -     15
  • 13th    -     14
  • 14th    -     13
  • 15th    -     12
  • 16th    -       2
  • 17th    -       2
  • 18th    -       2
  • 19th    -       2
  • 20th    -       2


  • Points will be allocated to horses and riders as a combination only
  • Points gained by a horse/rider combination will NOT move between classes
  • If a horse/rider combination moves either up or down a grade, any points gained in a class will remain in that class
  • It may be possible for a horse/rider combination to have points in several leader boards
  • A horse/rider combination can gain a place in more than one leader board
  • 10 bonus points will be awarded to all horse/rider combinations who enter the long format events at WAYER & Wooroloo provided the horse/rider combination completes the event (completion meaning finishing the event, a MER does NOT need to be achieved). These bonus points will be allocated to the leader board level that the horse/rider combination competed in for the long format class
  • 10 bonus points will be awarded to any horse/rider combination that completes all five FEI events in the grand slam (completion meaning finishes the event, a MER does NOT need to be achieved)
  • These points will still be awarded even if the horse/rider combination upgrades or downgrades during the year as the objective of the series is to encourage riders to compete at all FEI events on the WA calendar
  • If a horse/rider combination has points on more than one leader board, these bonus points will be allocated to the leader board class that coincides with the class they choose to compete in at Swan River Horse Trials (being that this is the last event in the series).
  • For example: A combination completes WAYER & Wooroloo in 2 star, and Alcoa and Swan River in 3 star. This combination is eligible for 10 bonus points for completing all four FEI events, and their points will be allocated to the 3 star leader board as that is the level they competed in at the last event in the series
  • Any horse/rider combination that completes (MER not required) a FEI event in a state other than WA will collect 10 points per event to recognise these combinations for competing outside the state. These points will be allocated to the class that the combination competed in at these events


Tie Breaks

For purposes of addressing any ties in winners or places in the final series rankings the following rules will be applied:

  • In case of equality of points a countback will be taken to the number of wins, then the number of 2nds, thirds etc.
  • In the Event that there is still a tie between two or more Athletes, the winner will be decided by the following from the last event that all combinations in the tie competed at:
    • The best cross-country score including penalties for faults at obstacles, time penalties and any other penalty that the athlete may have incurred on the Cross Country Test
    • If there is still equality, the classification is decided in favour of the Athlete whose cross-country time was closest to the optimum time
    • If there is still equality, the Athlete with the best Jumping score including penalties at obstacles and time penalties
    • If there is still equality, the Athlete with the fastest time in the Jumping Test
    • If there is still equality, the classification will be decided in favour of the Athlete with the best total of collective marks in the Dressage Test
    • If there is still equality the tie will remain in the final classification and any prize money will be divided equally.