The SEC Levy

Commencing in 2017, a new SEC Facility Levy of $5.00 per horse/per day is payable for all horses attending events at the SEC excluding private arena hire, private cross country course hire and clinics of under 12 horses.

Non-EWA members attending events held at the SEC must still pay the $15.00 per horse/per day Ground Service Fee in addition to the SEC Facility Levy. Event organisers that hire the SEC will be required to collect the Facility Levies and Ground Service Fees with the entries to their event.

The proceeds raised will be identified to the members during the year and the projects the levy is allocated to identified.EWA will be liaising with clubs, competitors and EWA members to identify other areas that can be included on the project list for the facility levy to be allocated to. While the wish list will be long and the needs of a 30-year-old facility are many, EWA is striving to maintain the SEC as a first class equestrian facility into the future.

EWA welcomes suggestions that can help identify the needs of SEC. Please email [email protected] if you would like to put forward a suggestion for consideration.


Project Planned Date of Completion
New competition dressage letters for the Harry Boldt International Dressage Arena                                               In Transit
SEC training jump set numbers In Transit
SEC training jump set trailer Pending
SEC training jump set wings Completed
New manure bunker in stable area Completed
SEC training jump set poles Completed
New radio microphones and wireless PA system for the Indoor Arena Completed
Replacement of hot water system in Colts & Fillies Showerblock Completed


1/6/17 - Update From the CEO
9/12/16 - 2017 State Equestrian Centre Facility Levy