Policies & By-laws

Governance and Administration Policies

Equestrian Western Australia Constitution Download
Equestrian Australia Constitution Download
General Regulations Download
Memorandum of Understanding - EA and State Branches Download
Committee Bylaws Download
Measuring Rules Download
Stallion Safe Practice Guidelines Download
Conflict of Interest Policy Download
Privacy Policy Download
Social Media Policy Download
Codes of Conduct Download
Appointment Procedures for National Positions                            Download
Event Sanctioning Policy Download
Travel Claims Policy Download

Membership Policies

Membership Bylaws Download
Member Protection Policy Download
For a list of MPIO's please click here.
Member Complaints Procedure Download
Equestrian Australia Member Recognition and Awards Download
Equestrian Western Australia Member Recognition and Awards    Download
Awarding and Wearing of Australian Flag Policy Download
Anti Match Fixing Policy Download

Disciplinary Policies

Disciplinary Bylaws Download
Tribunal Procedure and Protocol                                            Download
Appeal Bylaws Download

Doping and Medical Policies

Anti-Doping Policy Download
Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations             Download
Hot Weather Policy Download
Hendra Vaccination Bylaw Download
Administration of Altrenogest Download

Judicial Decisions & Sanctions