Membership FAQ


What are the benefits of becoming an EWA member?
Visit the Member Benefits page or download the One Sport, One Membership Brochure for a full summary of the benefits of EWA Membership.

Which membership category should I choose?
Whether you are a highly competitive rider, a recreational rider, a coach, a breeder, or a club, EWA has a membership category for you. Please read the One Sport, One Membership Brochure to determine which membership category is best for you. Alternatively you can call the EWA office on (08) 9296 1200 and a staff member will help you determine which membership would suit your requirements.

How much does EWA membership cost?
Please refer to the Membership Fees section of the 2017 Fee Schedule page for membership prices.

How do I join?
You can join online or complete a Membership Form and email, post or fax it to the EWA office.

Can I pay for my membership in instalments?
EWA are pleased to offer our monthly payment plan again for 2017. Please note that the monthly payment plan is not available if you join or renew online. You must submit the 2017 Membership Form if you wish to pay your membership off in monthly instalments.

How long will it take for my membership to be processed?
If you have joined online, your membership will be current immediately upon payment. If you have completed a Membership Form we ask that you allow at least two weeks for your membership to be finalised. During the peak period (December - March) your application may take a little longer.

Can I compete before my membership is processed?
Providing the office has received your membership form and correct payment you are able to compete. It's best to check with the office to make sure that your membership form has been received prior to competing. You may need to complete a statutory declaration at the event stating that your paperwork is at the EWA office being processed.


What does EWA membership insurance cover?
EWA members receive Personal Accident Cover (for injuries you sustain) and Public and Product Liability Cover (for third party property damage and personal injury) under the Gow Gates EA Membership Structure. For more information please visit the Gow Gates - What is Covered? page.

When is my insurance effective?
The insurance is effective at the point EWA confirms your membership details and payment.

I have had an accident, who do I contact?
Please visit the Gow Gates website or call 1800 811 371 to speak to a Gow Gates insurance representative.

MyEA Member Portal

What is MyEA?
MyEA is Equestrian Australia’s online registration portal for members. Through MyEA members can manage their details, view results, renew/purchase competition licenses and more.

How do I access MyEA?
All you need is your EWA member number and password to login. To access the portal simply visit the MyEA login page.

What if I have forgotten my MyEA user name or password?
You can reset your password through the MyEA login page. If you have forgotten your member number you will need to contact us on (08) 9296 1200.

What if I am a new member, how do I gain access to MyEA?
Before you can gain access to MyEA you will need to become a member of Equestrian Western Australia. Becoming a member is easy and can be completed online. Once you become a member you can log in with your EWA membership number and password.

Is the MyEA Platform secure?
The MyEA platform is completely secure and provides the highest level of personal and financial security. As per EA’s privacy policy, no personal membership data will be provided to external or other third parties, with all membership data remaining within EA’s secure network. This includes sponsors and other business providers within the equestrian community.