Jumping Horse of the Year Series

Current Standings (11.12.18)


It is envisaged that the series will act as a beneficial preparation for both horses and riders who are aiming to compete in the World Cups, Perth Royal and Patrons Cup at the end of the year by encouraging horses to comfortably move from 1.30m to 1.45m+ over a pre-arranged time frame.


To administer, along with jumping clubs, up to 10 rounds of the series to be run between March and November each calendar year.

Event Guidelines

  • An annual series of shows hosting Horse of the Year Series events will run throughout the calendar year in WA; set by EWAJC.
  • Expressions of interest to become a host club of the Horse of the Year Series should be directed to the EWAJC prior to September of the previous year. This can be done in writing directly to the committee or via the EWA dates submission form.
  • The HOTY Class is to be run as an open class under article 238.2.2.
  • The Horse of the Year classes, and the series, are considered to be most prestigious in Western Australia and clubs are asked to make sure that the classes are placed appropriately in the program, preferably between noon and 2pm, to highlight the nature of the class.

Class Entry & Prizemoney

  • A Horse that competes in a HOTY class may not compete in a EWAJ Bronze or Silver Leaderboard qualifier class at the same fixture.
  • There is to be minimum cash prizemoney of $1,300 per class.
  • Vouchers or merchandise may be given in addition to the cash prize money total but may not supplement the cash prize money total as above.
  • The EWAJC offers financial assistance to each participating host club to help run the qualifier as per the conditions laid out by the EWAJC. For more information about club financial assistance click here.


  • Maintenance of the leaderboard is to be the responsibility of Equestrian WA.
  • Points will be awarded from each round with 1st - 10, 2nd - 8, 3rd - 6, 4th - 5, 5th - 4 and additionally each clear first round that is not placed- 1 point.
  • The Horse of the Year leaderboard will be based on the performance of the horse.
  • Where a horse accrues a total of 16 penalties or more in the first-round of a series competition the horse does not accrue leaderboard points.
  • The winner of the leaderboard will be awarded a rug, trophy and prize at the annual EWA Awards night.

Previous Winners

2017 - Oaks Vendetta
2016 – Yalambi’s Carmen
2015 – Danzastar
2014 – Oaks Redwood
2013 – Sarnia Noblewood Classic
2012 – Phantom Vortex|
2011 – Phantom Vortex
2010 – Barrabadeen Halifax & DVZ Fuerstin Faberge
2009 – Sarnia Park Flaunt
2008 – Argyle Stables Pico Bello
2007 – Sarnia Park Flaunt
2006- Showametal Barrington