FAQ - Horses


Does my horse need to be registered?
Your horse needs to be registered if it will be competing at the following levels:

  • Dressage - Competitor (i.e. Official) classes
  • Eventing - EvA95 and above
  • Interschool - EWA State Interschool Championships
  • Jumping - 1.05m and above
  • Show Horse - EWA Horse of the Year

Horses may also need to be registered when travelling to compete in a different state. Please refer to the event entry conditions for information on registration requirements.

What is the difference between 'Full' registration and 'Base' registration?
Full registration is for horses who compete in official competition. Base registration is ideal for horses who don't compete officially (e.g. pleasure horses, broodmares), to secure a name, or if the owner would like their horse's details on record for biosecurity purposes.

How long will my horse be registered?
When a horse is registered with EWA or any other Equestrian Australia (EA) state body it is registered to the EA database for life. 

How do I register a horse?
Before you submit a registration application for your horse, please ensure that the following pre-requisites are met:

  1. All owners must be current members of EWA.
  2. The horse must be microchipped to Australian Standards. Your veterinarian will be able to check if your horse is microchipped and microchip if required.
  3. You must consider 5 name preferences. You cannot use the same name as another horse, nor can you change the spelling slightly or use a variation of the same name (e.g. Black Beauty and Blak Beauty). Owners of horses previously registered using initials or prefixes can continue to register horses using these. New owners wishing to register horses using initials or prefixes will be assessed upon application.

Once these pre-requisites are met you can complete the Registration Form and submit this to the EWA office along with the relevant supporting documentation.

Can I register a horse online?
No, you must submit a Registration Form.

Do I need to supply 5 names to register a horse?
Yes, you must supply 5 names in your order of preference. Applications without the required amount of names will be returned.

How do I change my horse's registered name?
Complete the Change of Horse Name Form and submit it to the EWA office.

How long does it take to receive my registration certificate?
Your request for a registration, transfer, name change, or lease notification will go into effect the day the paperwork and fees are received by the EWA office. The process can take up to 30 business days in order for the request to be processed and for a new certificate to be printed and mailed to you.

I have lost my horse's registration certificate. How do I obtain a replacement?
Complete the Replacement Certificate Form and submit it to the EWA office.

Competition Licenses:

What are Competition Licenses?
Competition Licenses (previously known as "Performance Cards") enable a horse to compete at the following levels:

  • Dressage - Competitor (i.e. Official) classes
  • Eventing - EvA95 and above
  • Jumping - 1.05m and above
  • Show Horse - EWA Horse of the Year

You must purchase a License for each discipline if you compete in multiple disciplines.

If you are competing in Dressage competitions you will require a bridle number. This will be provided with your Dressage Competition License.

How do I purchase a new Competition License for my horse?
If your horse is already registered under your name, you can complete the Competition License Form and submit it to the EWA office. New Competition Licenses cannot be purchased online via MyEA. If your horse is not yet registered you will need to register the horse. See above for more information on how to do this.

How often does a Competition License need to be renewed?
A horse's Competition License(s) must be renewed at the start of each calendar year if the horse is going to compete.

How do I renew a Competition License for my horse? 
You can renew your horse's Competition License(s) online using your MyEA account. You can also complete the Competition License Form and submit it to the EWA office.

Transfer of Ownership:

I have bought a horse that is registered with EWA. How do I transfer the horse into my name?
If you have purchased a horse that is already registered with EWA, you must transfer the horse into your name. Please ensure that the following pre-requisites are met before submitting the transfer:

  1. The new owner must be a member of EWA.
  2. You must get the horse's original Horse Registration Certification signed by the previous owner and the new owner. If you do not have the original Registration Certificate or are not able to contact the previous owner to get the certificate signed, you must complete a Replacement Certificate Form.

Once these pre-requisites are complete you can send the original signed certificate (or Replacement Form) to the EWA office with a cheque for the $40.00 transfer fee. If you cannot send a cheque you can call the office on (08) 9296 1200 and provide your card details. You will be sent an updated Registration Certificate once the transfer has been completed.


I am leasing a horse that is registered with EWA. How do I notify EWA of the lease?
The Lease Notification Form must be signed by lessee and lessor and submitted with the horse's Registration Certificate and Competition Licenses. The Lease Notification Form must indicate a start date and end date of the lease period. For competition purposes, the lease is effective the date that the form (with required signatures) is received in the EWA office.

Once the lease is registered with EWA, the horse/pony must be entered into competitions under the ownership of the lessee. EWA must have written confirmation by both parties if a lease is extended or if the lease is terminated prior to the expiration date. EWA does not get involved in the terms of the lease.

Update Details:

How do I update my horse's details?
You can change your horse's details online using your MyEA account. If you don't have a MyEA account you can submit horse detail changes by email to [email protected].


How much does it cost to register a horse, transfer a horse, purchase a competition license, change a horse's name etc?
Please refer to the 'Horses' section of the Price List.

If your question has not been answered here, please call us on 9296 1200 and one of our staff members can assist you.