About Us

Equestrian Western Australia (EWA) was established in 1951 with the support of the Royal Agricultural Society and is the state sporting organisation for many horse sports in Western Australia.

The main function of EWA is to provide a structured framework for equestrian competitions with fair rules and regulations for competitors. Our aim is to improve facilities and access to competitions and training throughout Western Australia, encourage and promote equestrian sport, increase participation levels, support high performance development of members and educate coaches and officials.

EWA is administered in Western Australia by a Board of Directors, a CEO, a team of administration staff and a variety of discipline committees. The EWA Board implements the overall policy and governs the sport including the State Equestrian Centre in Brigadoon, the discipline committees develop and administer the sport-technical aspects of their respective "Discipline", and the EWA administration office provides professional support. EWA is largely sustained by the contributions of hard-working and dedicated volunteers, from committee members to officials, organisers and helpers at events. It is these volunteers who enable the success of the sport.

The roles and responsibilities of EWA include:

  • Serve individual members and clubs
  • Manage high performance aspects of our sport
  • Implement and develop rules, policies, processes and systems
  • Provide communication, education and training to riders, coaches and officials
  • Promote and advocate for horse sport in WA
  • Associate or affiliate with other persons or bodies having an interest in the promotion of sport or recreation, equestrian or otherwise
  • Promote, regulate and increase participation in equestrian activities in WA
  • Operate the State Equestrian Centre in Brigadoon as the “Home of Horse Sports” and to develop such further facilities thereof as may be considered necessary to achieve the objective of the centre to be self-funding

The state Government through the Department of Sport and Recreation and LotteryWest is a major supporter of EWA in Western Australia.